Tuesday, November 25, 2008


As I continue through this theme of tribute, I feel it's important to say that if there's anyone in your life that is going through a difficult time, be sure to let them know that they are loved and cared for. That's your department as a good friend or sister or brother. But don't forget to remind them that God is the one in control and He wants us to come to Him in prayer and ask for help. Prayer is so powerful. It's our reconnect to the one who was and is and always will be.

By Patty Lynn

So here it is, the second step,
In your recovery.
And difficult as it may seem,
It’s just where you should be!

Decisions will be hard to make,
Fraught with anxieties.
But God will help you make the choice,
Your future’s what He sees.

He knows there’s much you’ve left to do,
Your days are in His hands.
But just remember He is yours,
He sees and understands.

The road we travel through this life
Has many twists and turns.
To know exactly what’s in store,
For that each poor heart yearns.

So, God instead, designs our path,
Knows what’s to be expected,
Which leaves us to depend on Him.
His will must be accepted.

Yes, God’s the one, who is in charge,
His judgment, we must trust.
All happens for a reason, dear,
Your trusting is a MUST.

So as His gentle hands reach down
And cup our wondering face,
Nothing’s to fear,
While He is near,
Rely upon His Grace.

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