Wednesday, November 12, 2008


In 1999 I met a Texan with an adorable accent and a fascinating way about him. What I mean by that is, he was exceptionally articulate and when we engaged in conversation, it was always stimulating. He was a great communicator and he loved words as much as I do. I used to say of him, "If I had to go into battle with nothing but words, I would want him on my side."

One of the most endearing expressions he used was, "that throws me a thought!" By that he meant, "that gives me an idea". I had never heard such an expression before and on my way home from work, I came up with this song, both words and music. Now, I am not a songwriter, per say, but on occasion, the nature of the poetry I write, lends itself to a further expression.

I have often heard the question asked of lyricists/songwriters, "What comes first, WORDS or MUSIC?" The answer tends to be different from person to person, but in my case, the two came together simultaneously. Of all the songs I've written and, believe me, it's just a handful, I think I love this one the best. One reason may be that it's written like the old standards, ones that band singers sang with a big orchestra behind them. So, here it is.

By Patty Lynn

When I’m lost in your kiss,
I can redefine bliss,
And I know that I’m gonna get caught.
I’m filled with desire, ‘cause you fuel my fire,
And, baby, it throws me a thought!

Your tender embrace…
Would be hard to erase.
I’m a student who needs to be taught.
No time for reflection, just give me direction,
And, baby, it throws me a thought!


And why?
Why do I always sigh,
Whenever you say goodbye?
You take all the sun from the sky, that’s why…

This thing that we’re in,
Wish that we could begin…
To pursue all the things that we ought.
If you’re openhearted, why don’t we get started,
'Cause, baby, it throws me a thought!

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