Sunday, November 30, 2008


This morning, before church, my husband and I were enjoying our coffee and watching one of our favorite programs on CBS, simply called SUNDAY MORNING. It's chockful of a variety of stories, some current events, some movie reviews, some celebrity and art noteworthy coverage and often special people are highlighted for their unique contributions to the world in which we live. This is all packed into an hour and a half and we aren't able to watch it in it's entirety or we'd be late for church. This last portion we especially enjoy because those who have made the most significant impact are so often ordinary people.

One gentleman on this morning's program had served as an athletic coach for inner city young men for ten years. After working with these boys for that length of time, he became more determined to offer them the opportunity to be in an educational evironment where they would daily gain self-respect, have the tools to excel and ultimately be regarded as special human beings. This, he believed, would set the stage for a college education and success in their adult lives. He opened a school two years ago for this purpose and though he wasn't college educated himself, was able to do this with the help of an educator who believed in him.

To these boys, their former coach was a HERO, someone who went above and beyond for them
even though the path wasn't easy. By his example, these young men could see that anything worth doing is worth fighting for, no matter what the odds. That is the true meaning of the word, HERO, having perseverance, determination, and never giving up. For me, my sister is my hero. She has faced some pretty formidable struggles and it is her strength and her faith that inspired me to write the following.

By Patty Lynn

A hero is a person, who keeps on keeping on,
Who perseveres, no matter what, won’t rest till day is done.
That hero stands up straight and tall, and faces what’s in store,
She may be down and see the clouds but musters something more.

She counts her blessings, gives God thanks, when most of us would falter.
She KNOWS her sorrows all belong up there upon God’s altar…
Where she’s reminded Jesus lay, a MAN with suff’rings many,
Asked that His father take His cup but knew there wasn’t any…

Chance that He could ever change the promise He’d fulfill,
To grant us life eternally, that was the Father’s will.
And with that gift of Grace and Life comes challenges and pain,
For life is seldom free from strife. That’s how we learn and gain…

The strength and the tenacity that heroes all possess.
They see the clouds, they face the rain, and still find happiness.
So here I close applauding you, my hero you remain.Inspiring me to always see the sunshine through the rain!

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