Saturday, November 29, 2008


I've been talking of late about the blessings in this life. I suppose it's a direct result of this time of year. And maybe, that's okay. Whatever's the reason to spark some reflection, what does it matter. The difficulty is in the time so many of us wish we had to enjoy and savor so many of those blessings. I feel that way about friends.

I am blessed to have a number of special, enviable and remarkable friends in my life and so often the days fly by and there is no opportunity to connect with them and they with me. The beauty is that in every case, no matter how long there has been between visits, when we finally do get together, it's as if no time has passed at all. It saddens me that I don't see them or call them as often as I should, but what I find sadder still is that there are those who never experience that kind of friendship. This next poem is a tribute of sorts to those incredible women that bless my life.

By Patty Lynn

There are friends who are friends for a moment,
And some that, it’s true, you lose sight of.
There are friends from your past,
That you so thought would last,
With some effort, you know, that they might’ve.

But then there are friends who you know will…
Not fade for a lifetime, no matter,
Who you see not as often,
But when you start talkin’,
It’s anything but useless chatter.

That’s the friend that is there for the good times,
And the bad and the lousy and crabby.
If a month should go by,
You needn’t ask why.
Settle in,‘cause it’s sure to get gabby!

I’ve a friend who’s like that, that I treasure,
Who I’m proud just to say that she’s mine.
For a friendship like this,
So many have missed.
For me, it’s a once in a lifetime!

Though we’re older, I’m sure that we’re wiser…
Than the day when met long ago.
Through THICK and through thin,
Our friendship has been…
What only a few ever know.

So remember that friendship is precious,
Must be tended and cared for by you.
Now it can last forever,
If you promise to never…Take for granted its value so true.

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