Sunday, October 19, 2008


When someone has lost a loved one, it's difficult, to say the least, to find the write words of care and comfort. Greeting cards so often miss the mark and so I have found that I MUST write a poem. It's certainly more personal, though the words don't come easily. At times like these I find I have to rely on heavenly direction.
Here is poem that I gave to a dear friend who had lost her mom.

By Patty Lynn

I wish I could think
Of the right words to say,
After learning about
All your heartache today.

But trials and tests,
At times such as these,
Find us helpless and wanting
And brought to our knees.

It’s there we belong,
In frustration and care,
For in this position
We’ll find God is there.

He’ll stretch out His hand
Granting comfort and strength,
For the size of our sorrow,
It’s width, breadth and length.

And though we don’t know
Of His way or His plan,
Someday we’ll find out
And then understand…

Why life is so fragile
With no explanations,
So often so diff’rent
Than our expectations.

But now we must trust
That His judgement is right.
He’ll grant you the strength
To weather this fight.

In prayer I’ll remind Him
And ask that He send…
You solace and comfort,
And love that won’t end.

Remember I love you;
I’m here for the asking.
Our friendship will always
Be ever and lasting.

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