Thursday, October 16, 2008


As I've mentioned before, much of my poetry writing has been at the urging of an event. Some are happy like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc. But when something sorrowful happens, when we lose someone who is near and dear to us, that's a commemoration of a different kind, the celebration of a life.
Just slightly more than a year ago my father-in-law passed away. Though I wasn't able to join my husband and his family for the funeral, I did want to be present in some way, so I wrote these words which were spoken at the cemetery. He was a very special man and an exceptional father.

By Patty Lynn

There are no words that can express
How much we'll miss you, Pop,
The space you filled within our hearts
Is but an empty spot.

Though sad we are to see you go,
Our treasured mem'ries stay.
And with God's help we'll make it through
The sorrow of today.

We'll miss your smile, your openness,
Your practicality,
How challenges were but a world...
Of possibilities.

But more than this, we learned from you
That family's number one,
They are our his'try, after all,
Yes, each and ev'ry one.

This is your legacy for us,
"Be proud of who you are,
And ne'er forget from whence you came,
And never stray too far!"

We love you, Pop, we'll miss you so,
But happy that we had
A tenderhearted fam'ly man,
We're proud to call our DAD!

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