Friday, October 31, 2008


Well, here it is, October 31th, Halloween! We've had an unseasonably warm day, in the 60's, sun shining, a slight breeze. Not one Ghoul or Goblin will have to spoil their great costume with a jacket. I'm sure the doorbell will start ringing soon and I'll be up and down and up and down answering it and filling bags and pumpkins and pillowcases with tasty tidbits.

This year there was a petition originated by a middle schooler to extend the time by an hour, so our Trick or Treat time will be 4PM to 8PM. We celebrated Halloween by voting early, no long lines for us. OOPS!!

I just had my first customer (I mean, Trick of Treater). Let's see if I can finish this blog entry before the next one.

I ran across this old poem about Halloween so thought it was too appropriate to leave out. It's titled simply:

by Patty Lynn

Halloween, witches scream.
Goblin faces all in green.

Monsters growls, hooting owls,
On tip-toe the werewolf howls.

Gloomy night, what a fright,
Skeletons all dressed in white.

Pumpkins glow, scares me so.
It's Halloween--my own "Creep Show"!


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