Tuesday, October 7, 2008


If you've been around children, for very long, you'll pick up on the fact that they love silliness. Silly rhymes, silly words, silly songs, it doesn't matter, they love it. We could learn a lot from children. It seems as we get older many of us forget our Silly Side. We become too serious. Right now, in this bad economy, election year, costs going sky high etc., it's even more necessary to get in touch with our Silly.
Here are a few more children's poems to help you get your Silly back!

By Patty Lynn

I took my cat Molly
For a ride on a trolley.
The road was a little bit bumpy.
My face wore a smile
As I walked down the aisle,
But I sat next to Damon the Grumpy!

Now I know that his name it was Damon,
For he wore a nametag with his name on.
Just why he was crabby
To me and my tabby,
Who cares?
I’m determined to stay on!

So I gave it a try and was friendly.
Oh, the tones that I spoke, I spoke gently.
And just as I did,
He said, “You’re a nice kid!”
And like Watson I said, “Element’ry”!

Well, he laughed til his sides they were splitting.
It’s the truth now and I am not kidding.
He smiled with a glow
From his head to his toe.
He’d have fallen if he wasn’t sitting!

Like contagion it spread through the trolley,
They all laughed when they saw Grumpy jolly.
There wasn’t a face
With a frown in the place.
And it made me sing Tra-la-la-la-lee!!!!

Yes, that was a day to remember.
I think it was late last September.
I was warmed by those smiles
As we covered the miles.
I was toasty all the way through November.

By Patty Lynn

My friend, you know, Millie?
Just loves to act silly.
She’s really the funniest girl.
She stands on her head,
While singing in bed,
Two rings on her feet she does whirl.

My friend, you know, Millie?
The one who acts silly,
Makes everyone laugh ‘til they ache.
With wild funny faces,
She ties her shoelaces,
I feel like my sides, they will break.

My friend, you know, Millie?
Just runs willy nilly
And makes such incredible sounds.
My ears just can’t take them,
Those sounds when she makes them,
Our friendship has ups, it has downs.

My friend, you know, Millie?
Has stopped being silly,
And me, I’m so glad that she did.
For when Milly was silly,
You couldn’t tell, really,
That she was a nice little kid.

By Patty Lynn

Fillipy, billipy, bollipy boo.
You think that that’s nonsense?
Well, I’m telling you...
It’s my very own language.
We speak it on Balaxy,
That violet star, right there
In the galaxy.

It’s the loveliest place.
You’ll just have to visit
And meet Fallagorry.
You’re asking, “What is it?”
Why, my house pet, of course,
Just everyone has one,
He’s a small white buzzlopy
From the planet of Nazz 1.

And while we’re discussing,
My homeland, I mean,
Not everyone there is a yellowish green.
I’m just a bit pale
From my trip to earth’s surface,
And I’m really quite sorry
This ticket I purchased.

For your planet is BLAH,
And your people so pale.
They smile just so seldom
And constantly wail...
About all their troubles,
"Oh, what should we do"?
And if you would ask me
I’d say, “Froodle Doo!”

That means, quit complaining,
Life isn’t so bad.
Be thankful and happy
Don’t feel so darn sad.
Be cheerful, start smiling,
And soon you will see,
That smiles are contagious
And, what’s more, they are FREE!

So now I’ll be going
To my home far away.
And maybe I’ll visit
Again some fine day.
I hope my advice
Is advice that you’ll heed,
Be kind to each other
For it’s love we all need.
Goodbye and Norfinkle.
That means, “Please be happy”
And Balaxy’s watching…
That’s all from Mortappy!!!

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