Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Maybe some of you remember this line from the Frank Sinatra song, My Way. I refer to it now because in the last few months I heard from someone about her regrets. She had gotten pretty down and felt that the choices she had made in life where choices she'd go back and change, if she had the chance. She just couldn't get out of her regretfulness and see that God always knows what we're going to do before we know. Our choices are just that, they're OURS. We do have free will to make our own decisions about our path, but wherever we end up is exactly where He knew we'd be. Everyone has regrets but it's what we learn from our mistakes that matters. Here's the poem I sent her. I hope the words ring true with you as well.

He’s Never Done
By Patty Lynn

I’m sending you a message
I think you need to hear,
“No matter how you feel inside,
To Jesus Christ you’re DEAR.”

Perhaps you don’t feel worthy,
Lost sight of Jesus’ face,
But worthiness was bought for you
By God the Father’s GRACE.

Remember that our hindsight
Is always 20/20,
And if we let ourselves go back,
There’ll be regrets a-plenty.

Don’t dwell on what you’ve done before,
Just grow from what you’ve learned.
Take heart that God does not keep score,
And GRACE cannot be earned.

Please read these words & know they come…
From God who lives within me.
He loves you, dear one,--always has.
His LOVE’s forever, FREE.

It’s time to focus on the Lord,
BELIEVE in His forgiving.
He’s loved you since you came to be,
And ev’ry day you’re living.

He asks of you no more than this,
BELIEF that Jesus died,
And promises eternal life,
HIS PRESENCE by your side.

So bow your head and close your eyes
And come to Him in PRAYER,
No matter if you’ve lost your way,
He’s always been RIGHT THERE.

It may be difficult at first
But He’ll be glad you’ve come.
Though we can close our hearts to Him,


Anonymous said...

WOW, Pat this is a powerful poem!

Patty Lynn said...
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Anonymous said...

I did have you down for Christmas cards. I was at my son's in Green Bay today and didn't have my list with me.

I read through part of your blog. I loved Little Nora Knee High! It reminded me of poems that Shel Silverstein writes and I'd love to see how he would illustrate your poem! If you haven't read him, his first book (I think) Where the Sidewalk Ends is our favorite. We started reading his poems to our boys in 1979 when they were two and five. I'll check our your page regularly!