Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I've shared many of my poems with you, some funny, some just light-hearted and some written for or about children. Some poems may someday be books. Now,I'd like to go in another direction as through the years I've composed many poems appropriate to a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, sometimes the passing of someone special. Many of my poems have even covered the floundering of the spirit, worries, cares, loss, etc. These hold a unique place in my heart for it gives me an opportunity to use my own emotions and experiences to be, hopefully, uplifting to someone going through a tough time. I often wonder how people who have no relationship with God make it through the trials of life. Hope is never possible without faith in God. For that matter, the joys of life are always sweeter, each triumph a cause for celebration.

By Patty Lynn

There are times when we worry and times when we don’t.
There are times when the tears flow and times when they won’t.
But whether we’re carefree or riddled with doubt,
There’s one key ingredient we can’t live without.

Our Lord and our Savior’s the one you will find…
Who’s willing and able to grant peace of mind.
He’ll give His assistance, but has to be asked.
Don’t wait ‘til your “I” has been over-tasked.

Just come to Him first and He’ll understand.
He’ll listen, then stretch out His Heavenly Hand…
To carry your load, give strength for the bearing.
Unconditional love’s His method of caring.

So stop with your “I wish…” and stop with “I wonder”
“I’m worried, I’m stressed out” what foundation is under…
Your cares and frustrations, those long sleepless nights?
Your Savior is waiting to make all things right.

Don’t go to Him only as your last resort.
In prayer, He’s the first place to make your report.
Then ask for that strength, the way and the faith.
He loves you and offers His Love and His grace.

Through worrisome nights and worrisome days…
Of looking for answers as you walk through the maze
Of life’s constant problems, when answers won’t come.
Just pray and remember that He is the One.

By Patty Lynn

So often in life we find ourselves wanting…
Solutions to trials. Our struggles are daunting.
And though we may wish for uncomplicated,
There’s only one answer that here MUST be stated:
The answer is PRAYER, a priceless behavior.
(There’s a reason God’s Son is known as the Savior).

He’s there and He’s listening, His comfort to give,
So come to Him often, for He’ll help you live…
Through good times and bad, He’s part of it all.
He’s there at your side, He won’t let you fall.
He knows you by name, you’re His precious one.
No matter the BATTLE, with Him, dear, it’s WON!

He loves you and offers His grace and His care,
You cannot escape Him for He’s EVERYWHERE.
Remember, He’s wanting you merely to ask…
For all of His strength to accomplish each task.
No matter how big, no matter how small,
His love is FOREVER, He’ll handle it all!

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