Friday, October 10, 2008


In one of my previous blogs I used this title phrase so, in this instance, I must reiterate. For a number of years ago, pondering the words of this title, I thought how much like a forest the legs of those around me would look if I was only two or three. From that thought came the story of a little girl named Nora and her perspective on the world.

By Patty Lynn

Little Nora Knee High
Was small as she could be,
And thought the world was pretty strange,
As far as she could see.

Each morning she’d awaken
And jump right out of bed,
Run down the hall to Bobby’s room
And poke him in the head…

And say, “Hey, Bobby, please get up,
Please play with me today.
The sun is shining now, I think,
But how long will it stay?”

So groggy Bobby slowly stands
Upon the cold wood floor.
“Oh, Nora, Nora, I’ll get dressed,
Go out and close the door!”

So Nora does as she was told,
But pauses at the door,
Looks back at Bobby’s face this time,
A sight she can’t ignore…

For Nora’s world up close, I mean,
Is nothing more than knees,
Boney, chubby, smooth or rough,
That’s all that Nora sees.

A world of knees and wandering legs
To sometimes dodge or bump,
Some with bruises, dimples, too,
Some even have a lump.

But Nora’s happy, just the same,
Her world’s a different place,
With only knees to talk to,
A far cry from a face.

Oh, it’s a little strange, it’s true,
But Nora does just fine,
She's sure whose knees are whose, you see,
And says she doesn’t mind.

There’s mama’s knees, all pink and soft,
And dad’s with trousers brown.
There’s Bobby’s knees, all scratched and scraped,
The toughest knees in town!

Grandma’s knees are wrinklely
And so are grandpa’s knees.
And though she’s bigger than the dog,
She’s sure his knees have fleas.

Yes, little Nora Knee High’s
As small as she can be,
But she’ll grow up and see the world
The same as you and me.

But, just for now, her view’s O.K.,
Be careful, if you please,
‘Cause life’s a little dangerous,
When all you see are knees!

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