Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Since all this insanity surrounding our choice for the new commander in chief will soon be over (One more week, yey!!)I will make another stab at some poetic levity.
Tonite was a real record, we only got three calls having to do with the election. I don't know what it'll be like to actually have an uninterrupted meal. I suppose then we'll have to be satisfied to receive the numerous requests for money to support a myriad of charities. They only average 3 a week. Imagine what it would be like if we weren't on the NO CALL list? So here's tonite's poem:

By Patty Lynn

A week from now we’ll go and vote
And choose our candidate.
Obama or McCain, who knows?
Oh, I can hardly wait!

There’ll be so much, so much to do.
Just what will be the first?
For with the state of things, it’s true,
Things couldn’t get much worse.

There’s global warming, Wall Street, too,
Foreclosures by the score,
And unemployment, gasoline,
Oh, don’t forget The War.

Iraq or in Afghanistan,
Just what will “new blood” bring?
I wonder what the plan will be.
Which way will this guy swing?

A speedy close or slow withdrawal
Or sending more to serve?
I know I want to see ‘em home!
That’s what these boys deserve.

But Politics are Politics,
And things aren’t what they seem,
And promises can quickly fade,
If you know what I mean.

Let’s all hope that whoever wins,
He’ll be the best one yet,
Who’s honest, true and capable…
And there’ll be no regret.

Perhaps it sounds like fantasy,
A scrupled President.
But maybe he’s meant what he said
And said just what he meant.

So, all in all, this crazy game,
Election time ’08,
Thank God it’s over in a week.
Oh, I can hardly wait!

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Wow-What Talent!!!

I didn't get through all of these yet so I printed them to read at my
leasure while eating breakfast. The few that I did read so far were