Monday, October 27, 2008


So last nite you all indulged me my ranting about the election, and I appreciate it.
Tonite I just had to put pen to paper(or rather keystroke to computer) and put my thoughts about all this election stuff in the form of a poem. After all, it's my favorite means of communication. Hope it makes you think and, of course, laugh a bit. This whole election would be funny if it wasn't so serious.

By Patty Lynn

This election is getting me so sick and tired,
Each candidate tells us that he is no liar,
And yet as I listen to ads on the tube,
It’s hard to decide since each one’s so rude.

The one says the other won’t be a good chief.
They both say they know how to give us relief…
From all of our worries and all of our woes,
They’ll fix our economy with a wand, I suppose.

Yes, it may take some MAGIC; it’s no easy fix,
But at least our G.W. won’t be in the mix.
McCain or Obama they’ll inherit a mess.
Who in their right mind would want all the stress?

For all of the money spent on this campaign,
It’s true that one guy’s hopes were really in vain.
So for all of the hoopla the result is what counts.
Let’s hope there’ll be answers in copious amounts…

And money and jobs, Medicare, Medicaid,
Healthcare for the masses and disaster aid.
An end to dependence on ol’ foreign oil,
And drilling that happens right here on our soil.

Concern for the globe and the warming effect,
Pollution, the ozone, some “future” respect.
I’ll leave and insist that you go out and VOTE.
My poem is now finished and “that’s all she wrote!”

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