Friday, October 17, 2008


I'm sure all of us have uttered these words as sometime in our lives. Perhaps, we were trying to put things in perspective when someone had wronged us or somebody else, but regardless, this is a familiar phrase. In the accompanying poem I've put a different spin on this phrase, for this a Source of another kind and it deserves more than a little consideration. "When life gives us lemons, make lemonade!" We've heard that one, too, but someone I really cared about was going through a difficult situation and pat little phrases were not going to help OR comfort. It required more than that.

By Patty Lynn

Everyone has heard the phrase, “a blessing in disguise”.
It means that some adversity falls first before our eyes,
That underneath a treasure waits for us to see its worth.
A special gift we didn’t see, somehow was given birth.

It’s hard to see what’s underneath our sorrow and our pain,
And even harder to believe we’ll be all right again.
God's love and understanding take time to be revealed,
And only if you trust in Him will your poor heart be healed.

For though the road is rough right now and you feel all alone,
Yet you are blessed with LIFE within, a love you've not yet known.
It’s hard accepting this was planned, but God knows ev’ry course…
When faced with worries and concerns, just take it to the Source.

Lay all your cares at Jesus’ feet, pray for His strength divine…
To make it though, He’s there for you, but all of this takes time.
For now we ask you to believe you’re loved and cared for, too,
And we all want to lift your heart; we want the best for you.

We value who you are today and who’ll be tomorrow,
And with our love and God’s love, too, we’ll pray away your sorrow.
And if you need a hand to hold, a shoulder for your tears,
Remember that we’re here for you; we’ll try to calm your fears.

For friends are those who understand, it’s not the words they say,
But rather that they’re there for us that brightens up our day.
This is a “blessing in disguise” and God will see you through,
And when you need us, let us know, and we’ll be there for you.

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