Thursday, October 9, 2008


The following offerings remind me of how expressive children are. There world is so small and their concerns so simple. But we also must remember that as home and immediate family are their entire world, we must really make that world the best it can be. It has to be a daily commitment. If that can be warm and embracing, full of love and reassurance, it can change who they will be in life. Their world may expand as they grow older but if home and hearth remain their safe place, the place where there always is unconditional love, they will be equipped to handle just about anything the outside world can throw their way. Here are a few more poems that see the world through a child's eyes.

By Patty Lynn

My mom has got a headache,
My doggy ran away,
Everybody’s crabby,
And no one wants to play!

My sister’s doing homework,
My friend is on a trip,
My hamster’s busy eating,
This day is rated, ZIP!

By Patty Lynn

My friend’s a grimy goblin
So green and gross is he
With orange nose and purple toes,
And a wort on the top of his knee.

I know he isn’t handsome,
All covered with polka dot foam,
But a monster, I guess, who’s a bit of a mess,
Is better than playing alone!

By Patty Lynn

Hipper, hipper, hip hooray!
I’m glad the sky is BLUE not GREY.
Yippee, Yippee, yip yahoo!
We’re having pizza, not beef stew.
Whoopee, whoopee, sis boom bah.
The happy song goes…Tra la la!

By Patty Lynn

I think I’ll run away today,
It’s more than I can take!
I have to eat my broccoli.
I wanted chocolate cake.

I have to walk the dog and…
Clean up my drawers and desk.
My mom says they’re a sight and…
My whole room is a mess!

I have to do just EVERYTHING and…
It’s just not fair at all.
My mom does hardly ANYTHING.
I want to play some ball.

But, NO, there’s all this work to do,
And I’m the one they picked,
And mom got really mad at me,
Not just a little ticked…

When I broke Grandma’s pitcher,
Tracked in on muddy feet,
Ran through her yellow tulips,
And wouldn’t eat my meat.

Well, I’ll pack up my fav’rite pants,
My T-shirt and my skates,
My baseball glove, my silver bat,
And then, I’ll leave this place!

I’ll walk for blocks down Elm street.
Should I go left or right?
I guess I’ll turn around now,
For soon it will be night.

Besides, I smell some CHOCOLATE CAKE,
Some burgers grillin’, too.
I s’pose things really aren’t that bad.
Tomorrow comes BRAND NEW!

My mom is kinda special,
She loves me really lots!
She washes all my underwear,
And pairs up all my socks.

Just maybe I won’t run away,
‘Cause after all, it’s true.
When you are in a family,
You all have work to do.

And so when things seem really bad,
You need to think and wait,
‘Cause if you run away today,
You might miss CHOCOLATE CAKE!

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