Wednesday, October 1, 2008


This poem was composed as the result of a "spur of the moment" adoption of a one year old dog by my 83 year old mother. We all thought she had made a terrible error in judgement. This was based on her age as well as the fact that she was alone and still living in her own home. I believe what we regarded as foolish was her way of telling all of us that she could make her own decisions and nobody better question them. We, of course, thought of all the negatives, namely, it was a 15 year committment, he might get in her way and cause her to fall, he would require daily walks and there would be additional costs, and....the list went on. But, we were so wrong. That wonderful dog was such a loving angelic creature, so close to her and dedicated to her care, she couldn't have found a more perfect companion. When she passed away at 89 I inherited Harley. What a blessing he was!

Harley the Wonderful Dog
By Patty Lynn

He wasn’t a puppy. He wasn’t full-grown.
And he’d been adopted. He did have a home.
But Harley, the dog, was so sad and so lonely…
For someone to play with, if only, if only…
His master were home more, his mistress would pet him.
If there was occasion for someone to let him…
Run rings ‘round the backyard, play catch with a Frisbee.
He thought,
“If ever I’d leave here, would anyone miss me?”

But strange as it may seem, his owners thought, too.
They knew he was lonely. “Oh, what should we do?”
Their work was consuming and kept them away…
From home and from Harley most nights and all day.
They wondered and worried, for they, too felt sad
And wanted their Harley to once more be glad.
Because they both loved him, they searched ‘til they found
The kind of a home where love would abound.

They took out an ad hoping someone would come,
Take one look at Harley and say, “He’s the One!”
“He’s all that I dreamed of, my perfect companion,
When it comes to Harley, there isn’t a stand-in!”

But who would step forward that warm summer’s day,
But a little ol’ lady the wind could blow ‘way!
They could tell by her face, so loving and dear,
That a match for their Harley was certainly here!
They looked at each other and both nodded, “Yes!”
For they knew in an instant as friends they’d be best.

That evening at seven they brought Harley over…
To Marion’s house (she lived on South Clover).
At first Harley shivered and investigated.
He thought, “Why, this is so strange. I’m sure not elated…
At smells that are diff’rent, at rooms unfamiliar.
How long am I staying? Oh, maybe until your…
Vacation is over. Yes, that must be why!”
But soon it was time for a heartfelt goodbye.

Harley knew at that moment, though they spoke not a word,
What really took place, what really occurred…
Was that this was his new home, with Marion as mistress.
There was no need for panic and no need for distress.
She petted and stroked him and called him, her “Good Boy”.
Wasn’t this what he’d dreamed of? Oh, Golly Whiz, would joy…
Be what he had found here? The best, may I mention,
Was her generous dose of constant attention!

So sweet and contented this dog spent his days…
Right there by her side. He found lots of ways…
To help and to guide her, assist and defend her.
Just how many ways did Harley attend her?
He’d bark when the bell rang. He’d sleep at her feet…
And not move a muscle ‘til morning would peak.
He’d gather her slippers then bring them post haste!
He’d lay ‘neath the table just hoping a taste…
Of some little morsel might fall to the floor.
But he’d never beg or squeal for some more.
Harley and Marion got so well-acquainted,
More perfect a picture could never be painted…
Of two lonely souls who needed each other,
That wonderful Harley and Marion, my mother!

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