Sunday, October 5, 2008


Today has been particularly lovely. The sun was out initially, straight through 'til almost noon, but then it became a bit overcast. That, however, didn't damper my day. This was one of those glorious days that I get to spend time with my wonderful family. We all gathered at my sister and brother-in-law's home for a shared birthday celebration for my niece and myself. Oh, how I wish that, like her, I was turning
25, but, unfortunately, that isn't the case (not even close). Actually, I'm happy to be a member of the mature set, you know, the old. All kidding aside, I love where I am in life with the knowledge and experience I have earned from all those years of living. I'd never go back to 25 if I couldn't take all of that with me. Besides, if I was 25 I wouldn't have grandchildren. They truly are the frosting on the cake of life. And speaking of children...(did you see how I did that? what a segue!!)

By Patty Lynn

Oh, baby, oh, baby, crying so loud,
I sure don’t know why Mom & Dad are so proud…
Of this screaming, red bundle, my sister, Louise,
Who never seems happy, “Stop crying, won’t you, please!”

My ears just can’t take it, I’m going quite NUTS!
Could it be you need changing, you’re hungry, that stuff?
Whatever it is, I wish you’d be quiet.
Some peace would be nice, c’mon now, just try it!

Oh, baby, oh, baby, this silence is great.
I really do love you, it’s the crying I hate.
You are kinda cute with your little pink nose,
And now that mom’s changed you, you smell like a rose.

I s’pose someday soon we can go out and play…
Some house or some hopscotch on a bright summer’s day,
And so, in the meantime, I’ll be patient…maybe,
And hope you grow up soon, oh, baby, oh, baby.

By Patty Lynn

I love to study dinosaurs.
My fav’rite’s stegosaurus.
He’s spiky back and spiny tail,
I know he isn’t gorgeous.

But keep it to yourself, I’d say,
Don’t ever make him mad,
Or, for that matter, you’d be wise…
To watch him when he’s glad.

‘Cause swish, swish, swish, his tail might turn,
Hitting everything in sight!
So tip toe past…don’t make a sound…
Just whisper, “Steg, goodnight!”

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