Friday, October 31, 2008


Well, here it is, October 31th, Halloween! We've had an unseasonably warm day, in the 60's, sun shining, a slight breeze. Not one Ghoul or Goblin will have to spoil their great costume with a jacket. I'm sure the doorbell will start ringing soon and I'll be up and down and up and down answering it and filling bags and pumpkins and pillowcases with tasty tidbits.

This year there was a petition originated by a middle schooler to extend the time by an hour, so our Trick or Treat time will be 4PM to 8PM. We celebrated Halloween by voting early, no long lines for us. OOPS!!

I just had my first customer (I mean, Trick of Treater). Let's see if I can finish this blog entry before the next one.

I ran across this old poem about Halloween so thought it was too appropriate to leave out. It's titled simply:

by Patty Lynn

Halloween, witches scream.
Goblin faces all in green.

Monsters growls, hooting owls,
On tip-toe the werewolf howls.

Gloomy night, what a fright,
Skeletons all dressed in white.

Pumpkins glow, scares me so.
It's Halloween--my own "Creep Show"!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This Saturday I received a letter from ULTRA PROCESSING CENTER in Atlanta, Georgia along with a check for $2900. The letter said my name had been picked at random from lists that are shared for Reader's Digest, Publisher's Clearing House, etc. and I was to receive a total prize of $50,000. They stated that because the law stipulates that processing fees must come from the actual winnings, they were sending me this portion of the prize money so that the processing fee could be taken out of the total. I was told to deposit the check into a bank account bearing my name and that when I had deposited the check, I should call the 800 number provided and they would tell me the amount that I should send back to them for the purpose of processing my winnings.

As I had heard of similar scams, I had to check it out to know for sure that I was not actually a wealthy woman (all the time hoping that I was). I, of course, started with the internet, first searching for ULTRA PROCESSING CENTER in Atlanta. As I suspected there was no such place. But, wait, there were other things to check out before I knew FOR SURE that I was not financially loaded. The generator of the check was listed as CLASSIC FOODS, L.P. in Temple, TX, so I checked that as well. Again, no such place existed.

My last hope was the bank that appeared on the check as the supposed holder of the account from which the check came. That was EXTRACTO BANK also in Temple, TX. Now don't laugh (I did) seeing as I knew this was a scam that was trying to extract funds from me. Surprisingly, there were several Extracto Banks in Temple, TX, but at this point, I held no hope of this money being mine.

I then called our local police department to report the letter, and the scam was confirmed. "Ma'am, just shred the check and the letter. This is not legitimate!" But I had one more thing to do. I called the 800 number on the letter and low and behold someone answered, "Ultra Processing Center". This was so great. I was now speaking to the actual processing center as described in my letter. It now was my turn to speak, so I said, " This is Patty and I just received a check and a letter from you congratulating me on winning $50,000. Funny thing is, though, I looked up ULTRA PROCESSING CENTER and wasn't able to find you. I was just...CLICK! And there you have it. A wealthy woman no more. (SIGH)

Did want to let you all know my story. Hopefully, neither you nor someone you know has fallen prey to this kind of thing. And if you ever hear of something like this or you are contacted in much the same way, as nice as it would be to be an instant prize winner, run don't walk to the nearest shredder. It's terrible that there are people like this who will take advantage of the unsuspecting, some of whom might be in very dire straits as so many are lately. Here's my word of caution, BEWARE!


Since all this insanity surrounding our choice for the new commander in chief will soon be over (One more week, yey!!)I will make another stab at some poetic levity.
Tonite was a real record, we only got three calls having to do with the election. I don't know what it'll be like to actually have an uninterrupted meal. I suppose then we'll have to be satisfied to receive the numerous requests for money to support a myriad of charities. They only average 3 a week. Imagine what it would be like if we weren't on the NO CALL list? So here's tonite's poem:

By Patty Lynn

A week from now we’ll go and vote
And choose our candidate.
Obama or McCain, who knows?
Oh, I can hardly wait!

There’ll be so much, so much to do.
Just what will be the first?
For with the state of things, it’s true,
Things couldn’t get much worse.

There’s global warming, Wall Street, too,
Foreclosures by the score,
And unemployment, gasoline,
Oh, don’t forget The War.

Iraq or in Afghanistan,
Just what will “new blood” bring?
I wonder what the plan will be.
Which way will this guy swing?

A speedy close or slow withdrawal
Or sending more to serve?
I know I want to see ‘em home!
That’s what these boys deserve.

But Politics are Politics,
And things aren’t what they seem,
And promises can quickly fade,
If you know what I mean.

Let’s all hope that whoever wins,
He’ll be the best one yet,
Who’s honest, true and capable…
And there’ll be no regret.

Perhaps it sounds like fantasy,
A scrupled President.
But maybe he’s meant what he said
And said just what he meant.

So, all in all, this crazy game,
Election time ’08,
Thank God it’s over in a week.
Oh, I can hardly wait!

Monday, October 27, 2008


So last nite you all indulged me my ranting about the election, and I appreciate it.
Tonite I just had to put pen to paper(or rather keystroke to computer) and put my thoughts about all this election stuff in the form of a poem. After all, it's my favorite means of communication. Hope it makes you think and, of course, laugh a bit. This whole election would be funny if it wasn't so serious.

By Patty Lynn

This election is getting me so sick and tired,
Each candidate tells us that he is no liar,
And yet as I listen to ads on the tube,
It’s hard to decide since each one’s so rude.

The one says the other won’t be a good chief.
They both say they know how to give us relief…
From all of our worries and all of our woes,
They’ll fix our economy with a wand, I suppose.

Yes, it may take some MAGIC; it’s no easy fix,
But at least our G.W. won’t be in the mix.
McCain or Obama they’ll inherit a mess.
Who in their right mind would want all the stress?

For all of the money spent on this campaign,
It’s true that one guy’s hopes were really in vain.
So for all of the hoopla the result is what counts.
Let’s hope there’ll be answers in copious amounts…

And money and jobs, Medicare, Medicaid,
Healthcare for the masses and disaster aid.
An end to dependence on ol’ foreign oil,
And drilling that happens right here on our soil.

Concern for the globe and the warming effect,
Pollution, the ozone, some “future” respect.
I’ll leave and insist that you go out and VOTE.
My poem is now finished and “that’s all she wrote!”

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Although this is a blog called Poetically Speaking, I have to depart from that for a bit and just air my frustrations, hoping you will indulge me. Just for tonite, I'll rename this blog, Politically Speaking.

I am just so sick and tired of this blasted presidential campaign and the constant criticism of one candidate or another. Why can't it merely be, this is what I believe and what I intend to do if elected? I don't pretend to be an expert on the all the issues or completely well-informed about every aspect of each candidate's platform. What I do know is that all this rhetoric about "he voted for this but I voted for that" and "when this came up for a vote, he voted for more taxes for you and yours, but I didn't do that." "I will lower your taxes." "No, I will." Half the time when these things come up for a vote they tack on so many other things, it's amazing anything gets done or goes through.

And then there's the money that the presidential candidates are still raising for their campaigns. All this expensive air time merely to discredit their opponent and insult our intelligence with the He said/He said. When these two candidates get interviewed and are asked some pretty basic questions, every answer is vague or it's spun in such a way as to be nothing more than political-speak. After a while it becomes just a nauseating humming noise in my ears, a dull drone. No wonder people don't trust politicians! Promises, promises, promises and what will really be the end result regardless of who gets into office? It's anybody's guess.

I know, I know, I don't sound like a good citizen. I'm just blowing off some steam. I can assure you that I will vote. I consider it a privilege. All I'm saying is, I'll be darn glad when this campaigning thing is over and we can see what will be done by our new president, whoever he is. As a side note, I don't envy whoever wins the crown! Our country is in such a terrible state that this will not be an easy fix, assuming it is fixable, and the fix, so to speak, will not come quickly.

I may get disenchanted with The Present State of Affairs, I may even worry about it, or, like tonite, blow off some steam about it. But at the end of the day, I realize that I have a lot more to be thankful for than I have to be worried about. I have two beautiful children, a wonderful husband, two unbelievable grandchildren, an extended family that brings me so much joy and friends that are so exceptional, that my blessings far outweigh anything negative in politics or the world, for that matter. God has blessed me with so many wonderful things in my life, the best being His love and grace, and He is my source of comfort and strength. It may be a difficult time in our country's economy but God is the one to trust, the one who's really in charge.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


This thought, this concept, life's unpredictability, really hit me today. I've always tried to anticipate things, be a good girl scout, you know, always be prepared. Those of us type A personalities fool ourselves into thinking that if we're really good at being prepared, life will be that much easier and we'll have everything under control. But we fool ourselves if we really think that way because God is the only one who is truly in control and like everything else in our lives, we really need to turn it all over to Him.

How many times have you heard the story of someone working all their lives so that they could retire and then, 6 months to a year after they do, they have a heart attack and they've never had a chance to enjoy their well deserved retirement. Instances like this are unfortunately so common. It's a terrible reminder of how fragile life is but at the same time it brings home how God is the one pulling the strings. There certainly is some merit in the philosophy of living each day as if it is our last... It just may be.

I remember my mom clipping something out of the paper many years ago, something I read many years later after she was gone. The newspaper was thin, yellowed and brown from age, but still legible. It went something like this,
"I may never pass this way again. Any good that I can do, let me do it now, let me not desist, for I may never pass this way again". These are powerful words and ones we need to take to heart. Life is short. We do need to make the most of every moment, every encounter with another human being. Have a good sense of humor and a smile on your face. Who knows, you may be the last face someone sees before their journey is over.

By Patty Lynn

Life can change in but an instant
For we never know just when…
We will end up topsy turvy,
Facing challenges…and then
Find that we’re put in our places
By the One who holds each card.
Making us aware we’re “playing”
In the Master’s own backyard.

He determines who’ll be sliding,
Gently gliding down life’s path,
Or who will crouch in darkened corners,
Calculating moves like math,
Trying fruitlessly to figure
Clear-cut answers to the plan.
Adding method to his madness.
Oh, how typical of man?

Some might gravitate toward climbing
Corp’rate ladders and the like.
Some might see as independent
Peddling on a brand new bike.
But climbing has its won dilemmas
And free-wheeling much the same.
It’s best to pray for help and guidance…
For the journey, in His name.

So if you look into the mirror
See one face and one alone.
There’s no doubt your feet will falter
For He’s placed there, many stones,
Just to show you that you need Him.
That He’s there to guard and guide.
Why not take the hand that’s offered?
Merely reach…He’s by your side.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I have written the following poems for a baby shower, the much anticipated birth of a child and the christening to follow. Here are three that follow that progression and by sharing them with you I get a chance to relive the actual events.

Jackson…Lucky Boy!
By Patty Lynn

Dearest Jackson, lucky boy, the day is coming soon
When you will hear your parents sing a very happy tune.
For you’re anticipated and loved already, too.
Your mom and dad can hardly wait to get a look at you.

They’ll marvel how you came to be,
In love you were conceived,
The kind of miracle your folks
From heaven have received.

You’ll learn so very many things,
To eat, to crawl, to walk,
And then, the most amazing yet,
You’re going to learn to talk!

So let me send you just a tip.
From who?…a little bird,
Please try to say mama AND dad
When choosing your first words.

For Emma

The Addition
By Patty Lynn

It starts with a cry
A new life comes to be
A branch has been added
To your fam’ly tree.

So darling, so pink,
Perfect fingers and toes
Two lives making one…
So the miracle goes!

You must savor each day,
And cherish each minute.
Time moves so fast,
Put everything in it.

Rejoice in her birth,
Grace her cheek with a kiss,
For nothing compares
To a moment like this!

A sweet baby girl
Changes Couple to Three,
Her presence has blest you…
You’re now, FAMILY!

Your Christening Day
By Patty Lynn

On this your precious Christening Day, we gather here in love,
As Water and the Word combine, as God from up above…
Makes you His Child, takes your soft hand, looks down on your sweet face,
And offers you the blessing of His everlasting Grace.

So, Lily Dear, we share this day, such joy within our hearts,
And thank Him for His love divine, so glad we are a part…
Of all that’s meant by Christening, bestowing Christ—on you.
This priceless gift He’s granted here, will last your whole life through.

So as we watch you learn and grow, discovering so much,
We all will be reminding you of God’s protecting touch.
Surrounded by His love and ours, you cannot help by flourish,
For love alone can feed your heart,
But God your soul will nourish.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


When someone has lost a loved one, it's difficult, to say the least, to find the write words of care and comfort. Greeting cards so often miss the mark and so I have found that I MUST write a poem. It's certainly more personal, though the words don't come easily. At times like these I find I have to rely on heavenly direction.
Here is poem that I gave to a dear friend who had lost her mom.

By Patty Lynn

I wish I could think
Of the right words to say,
After learning about
All your heartache today.

But trials and tests,
At times such as these,
Find us helpless and wanting
And brought to our knees.

It’s there we belong,
In frustration and care,
For in this position
We’ll find God is there.

He’ll stretch out His hand
Granting comfort and strength,
For the size of our sorrow,
It’s width, breadth and length.

And though we don’t know
Of His way or His plan,
Someday we’ll find out
And then understand…

Why life is so fragile
With no explanations,
So often so diff’rent
Than our expectations.

But now we must trust
That His judgement is right.
He’ll grant you the strength
To weather this fight.

In prayer I’ll remind Him
And ask that He send…
You solace and comfort,
And love that won’t end.

Remember I love you;
I’m here for the asking.
Our friendship will always
Be ever and lasting.

Friday, October 17, 2008


I'm sure all of us have uttered these words as sometime in our lives. Perhaps, we were trying to put things in perspective when someone had wronged us or somebody else, but regardless, this is a familiar phrase. In the accompanying poem I've put a different spin on this phrase, for this a Source of another kind and it deserves more than a little consideration. "When life gives us lemons, make lemonade!" We've heard that one, too, but someone I really cared about was going through a difficult situation and pat little phrases were not going to help OR comfort. It required more than that.

By Patty Lynn

Everyone has heard the phrase, “a blessing in disguise”.
It means that some adversity falls first before our eyes,
That underneath a treasure waits for us to see its worth.
A special gift we didn’t see, somehow was given birth.

It’s hard to see what’s underneath our sorrow and our pain,
And even harder to believe we’ll be all right again.
God's love and understanding take time to be revealed,
And only if you trust in Him will your poor heart be healed.

For though the road is rough right now and you feel all alone,
Yet you are blessed with LIFE within, a love you've not yet known.
It’s hard accepting this was planned, but God knows ev’ry course…
When faced with worries and concerns, just take it to the Source.

Lay all your cares at Jesus’ feet, pray for His strength divine…
To make it though, He’s there for you, but all of this takes time.
For now we ask you to believe you’re loved and cared for, too,
And we all want to lift your heart; we want the best for you.

We value who you are today and who’ll be tomorrow,
And with our love and God’s love, too, we’ll pray away your sorrow.
And if you need a hand to hold, a shoulder for your tears,
Remember that we’re here for you; we’ll try to calm your fears.

For friends are those who understand, it’s not the words they say,
But rather that they’re there for us that brightens up our day.
This is a “blessing in disguise” and God will see you through,
And when you need us, let us know, and we’ll be there for you.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


As I've mentioned before, much of my poetry writing has been at the urging of an event. Some are happy like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc. But when something sorrowful happens, when we lose someone who is near and dear to us, that's a commemoration of a different kind, the celebration of a life.
Just slightly more than a year ago my father-in-law passed away. Though I wasn't able to join my husband and his family for the funeral, I did want to be present in some way, so I wrote these words which were spoken at the cemetery. He was a very special man and an exceptional father.

By Patty Lynn

There are no words that can express
How much we'll miss you, Pop,
The space you filled within our hearts
Is but an empty spot.

Though sad we are to see you go,
Our treasured mem'ries stay.
And with God's help we'll make it through
The sorrow of today.

We'll miss your smile, your openness,
Your practicality,
How challenges were but a world...
Of possibilities.

But more than this, we learned from you
That family's number one,
They are our his'try, after all,
Yes, each and ev'ry one.

This is your legacy for us,
"Be proud of who you are,
And ne'er forget from whence you came,
And never stray too far!"

We love you, Pop, we'll miss you so,
But happy that we had
A tenderhearted fam'ly man,
We're proud to call our DAD!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Maybe some of you remember this line from the Frank Sinatra song, My Way. I refer to it now because in the last few months I heard from someone about her regrets. She had gotten pretty down and felt that the choices she had made in life where choices she'd go back and change, if she had the chance. She just couldn't get out of her regretfulness and see that God always knows what we're going to do before we know. Our choices are just that, they're OURS. We do have free will to make our own decisions about our path, but wherever we end up is exactly where He knew we'd be. Everyone has regrets but it's what we learn from our mistakes that matters. Here's the poem I sent her. I hope the words ring true with you as well.

He’s Never Done
By Patty Lynn

I’m sending you a message
I think you need to hear,
“No matter how you feel inside,
To Jesus Christ you’re DEAR.”

Perhaps you don’t feel worthy,
Lost sight of Jesus’ face,
But worthiness was bought for you
By God the Father’s GRACE.

Remember that our hindsight
Is always 20/20,
And if we let ourselves go back,
There’ll be regrets a-plenty.

Don’t dwell on what you’ve done before,
Just grow from what you’ve learned.
Take heart that God does not keep score,
And GRACE cannot be earned.

Please read these words & know they come…
From God who lives within me.
He loves you, dear one,--always has.
His LOVE’s forever, FREE.

It’s time to focus on the Lord,
BELIEVE in His forgiving.
He’s loved you since you came to be,
And ev’ry day you’re living.

He asks of you no more than this,
BELIEF that Jesus died,
And promises eternal life,
HIS PRESENCE by your side.

So bow your head and close your eyes
And come to Him in PRAYER,
No matter if you’ve lost your way,
He’s always been RIGHT THERE.

It may be difficult at first
But He’ll be glad you’ve come.
Though we can close our hearts to Him,

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I've shared many of my poems with you, some funny, some just light-hearted and some written for or about children. Some poems may someday be books. Now,I'd like to go in another direction as through the years I've composed many poems appropriate to a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, sometimes the passing of someone special. Many of my poems have even covered the floundering of the spirit, worries, cares, loss, etc. These hold a unique place in my heart for it gives me an opportunity to use my own emotions and experiences to be, hopefully, uplifting to someone going through a tough time. I often wonder how people who have no relationship with God make it through the trials of life. Hope is never possible without faith in God. For that matter, the joys of life are always sweeter, each triumph a cause for celebration.

By Patty Lynn

There are times when we worry and times when we don’t.
There are times when the tears flow and times when they won’t.
But whether we’re carefree or riddled with doubt,
There’s one key ingredient we can’t live without.

Our Lord and our Savior’s the one you will find…
Who’s willing and able to grant peace of mind.
He’ll give His assistance, but has to be asked.
Don’t wait ‘til your “I” has been over-tasked.

Just come to Him first and He’ll understand.
He’ll listen, then stretch out His Heavenly Hand…
To carry your load, give strength for the bearing.
Unconditional love’s His method of caring.

So stop with your “I wish…” and stop with “I wonder”
“I’m worried, I’m stressed out” what foundation is under…
Your cares and frustrations, those long sleepless nights?
Your Savior is waiting to make all things right.

Don’t go to Him only as your last resort.
In prayer, He’s the first place to make your report.
Then ask for that strength, the way and the faith.
He loves you and offers His Love and His grace.

Through worrisome nights and worrisome days…
Of looking for answers as you walk through the maze
Of life’s constant problems, when answers won’t come.
Just pray and remember that He is the One.

By Patty Lynn

So often in life we find ourselves wanting…
Solutions to trials. Our struggles are daunting.
And though we may wish for uncomplicated,
There’s only one answer that here MUST be stated:
The answer is PRAYER, a priceless behavior.
(There’s a reason God’s Son is known as the Savior).

He’s there and He’s listening, His comfort to give,
So come to Him often, for He’ll help you live…
Through good times and bad, He’s part of it all.
He’s there at your side, He won’t let you fall.
He knows you by name, you’re His precious one.
No matter the BATTLE, with Him, dear, it’s WON!

He loves you and offers His grace and His care,
You cannot escape Him for He’s EVERYWHERE.
Remember, He’s wanting you merely to ask…
For all of His strength to accomplish each task.
No matter how big, no matter how small,
His love is FOREVER, He’ll handle it all!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


The first time I began writing poetry, I was in the third grade. I even remember the name of the poem, WORRY WORT. When the poem actually was chosen for the school newspaper, well, that was it. I was destined to continue writing. It has been a journey to self-discovery. (Incidentally, I have always been a worry wort.)

Poetry has afforded me a creative means to express myself and in so doing, I have been able to share joy, celebration and sometimes sadness in a unique way. Each experience has taken on a life of its own becoming an outpouring of feelings and emotions.

As you probably guessed, I especially like taking on the persona of a child when I create my children's poems. It keeps me honest and real and gives me a chance to be a child again. That's important. There's no fooling a child. They can see through any pretense or artificiality.

Here are a couple more children's poems. The first gives you an idea of how I have always felt being short of stature. The second is a recollection from my youth about my own grandpa.

By Patty Lynn

Oh, gee, I wish I were taller.
I’m tired of being a shrimp.
I wish I could ask God the reason
Why He decided to scrimp.

There sure is a surplus of big guys,
The one’s with their shoulders up there.
They look down enough so you see them,
And give you that terrible stare.

I’m standing as tall as I’m able.
My heels are as high as I dare,
But with all of this stuff,
It just isn’t enough,
Their noses are still in the air!

By Patty Lynn

My grandpa’s a kidder.
My grandpa’s such fun.
Whenever we visit,
He’s glad that we’ve come.

He tells me “tall” tales
Of creatures he keeps
Way down in his basement,
Where I cannot peek.

Lions and tigers
Giraffes by the dozens,
And two chimpanzees
That he says are my cousins.

Sometimes they’re so real,
Down the stairs I start creeping,
But he stops me in time
And says that they’re sleeping.

Pretending with Gramps
Is my favorite game.
And I let him know
That I’m glad that we came.

Friday, October 10, 2008


In one of my previous blogs I used this title phrase so, in this instance, I must reiterate. For a number of years ago, pondering the words of this title, I thought how much like a forest the legs of those around me would look if I was only two or three. From that thought came the story of a little girl named Nora and her perspective on the world.

By Patty Lynn

Little Nora Knee High
Was small as she could be,
And thought the world was pretty strange,
As far as she could see.

Each morning she’d awaken
And jump right out of bed,
Run down the hall to Bobby’s room
And poke him in the head…

And say, “Hey, Bobby, please get up,
Please play with me today.
The sun is shining now, I think,
But how long will it stay?”

So groggy Bobby slowly stands
Upon the cold wood floor.
“Oh, Nora, Nora, I’ll get dressed,
Go out and close the door!”

So Nora does as she was told,
But pauses at the door,
Looks back at Bobby’s face this time,
A sight she can’t ignore…

For Nora’s world up close, I mean,
Is nothing more than knees,
Boney, chubby, smooth or rough,
That’s all that Nora sees.

A world of knees and wandering legs
To sometimes dodge or bump,
Some with bruises, dimples, too,
Some even have a lump.

But Nora’s happy, just the same,
Her world’s a different place,
With only knees to talk to,
A far cry from a face.

Oh, it’s a little strange, it’s true,
But Nora does just fine,
She's sure whose knees are whose, you see,
And says she doesn’t mind.

There’s mama’s knees, all pink and soft,
And dad’s with trousers brown.
There’s Bobby’s knees, all scratched and scraped,
The toughest knees in town!

Grandma’s knees are wrinklely
And so are grandpa’s knees.
And though she’s bigger than the dog,
She’s sure his knees have fleas.

Yes, little Nora Knee High’s
As small as she can be,
But she’ll grow up and see the world
The same as you and me.

But, just for now, her view’s O.K.,
Be careful, if you please,
‘Cause life’s a little dangerous,
When all you see are knees!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


The following offerings remind me of how expressive children are. There world is so small and their concerns so simple. But we also must remember that as home and immediate family are their entire world, we must really make that world the best it can be. It has to be a daily commitment. If that can be warm and embracing, full of love and reassurance, it can change who they will be in life. Their world may expand as they grow older but if home and hearth remain their safe place, the place where there always is unconditional love, they will be equipped to handle just about anything the outside world can throw their way. Here are a few more poems that see the world through a child's eyes.

By Patty Lynn

My mom has got a headache,
My doggy ran away,
Everybody’s crabby,
And no one wants to play!

My sister’s doing homework,
My friend is on a trip,
My hamster’s busy eating,
This day is rated, ZIP!

By Patty Lynn

My friend’s a grimy goblin
So green and gross is he
With orange nose and purple toes,
And a wort on the top of his knee.

I know he isn’t handsome,
All covered with polka dot foam,
But a monster, I guess, who’s a bit of a mess,
Is better than playing alone!

By Patty Lynn

Hipper, hipper, hip hooray!
I’m glad the sky is BLUE not GREY.
Yippee, Yippee, yip yahoo!
We’re having pizza, not beef stew.
Whoopee, whoopee, sis boom bah.
The happy song goes…Tra la la!

By Patty Lynn

I think I’ll run away today,
It’s more than I can take!
I have to eat my broccoli.
I wanted chocolate cake.

I have to walk the dog and…
Clean up my drawers and desk.
My mom says they’re a sight and…
My whole room is a mess!

I have to do just EVERYTHING and…
It’s just not fair at all.
My mom does hardly ANYTHING.
I want to play some ball.

But, NO, there’s all this work to do,
And I’m the one they picked,
And mom got really mad at me,
Not just a little ticked…

When I broke Grandma’s pitcher,
Tracked in on muddy feet,
Ran through her yellow tulips,
And wouldn’t eat my meat.

Well, I’ll pack up my fav’rite pants,
My T-shirt and my skates,
My baseball glove, my silver bat,
And then, I’ll leave this place!

I’ll walk for blocks down Elm street.
Should I go left or right?
I guess I’ll turn around now,
For soon it will be night.

Besides, I smell some CHOCOLATE CAKE,
Some burgers grillin’, too.
I s’pose things really aren’t that bad.
Tomorrow comes BRAND NEW!

My mom is kinda special,
She loves me really lots!
She washes all my underwear,
And pairs up all my socks.

Just maybe I won’t run away,
‘Cause after all, it’s true.
When you are in a family,
You all have work to do.

And so when things seem really bad,
You need to think and wait,
‘Cause if you run away today,
You might miss CHOCOLATE CAKE!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


If you've been around children, for very long, you'll pick up on the fact that they love silliness. Silly rhymes, silly words, silly songs, it doesn't matter, they love it. We could learn a lot from children. It seems as we get older many of us forget our Silly Side. We become too serious. Right now, in this bad economy, election year, costs going sky high etc., it's even more necessary to get in touch with our Silly.
Here are a few more children's poems to help you get your Silly back!

By Patty Lynn

I took my cat Molly
For a ride on a trolley.
The road was a little bit bumpy.
My face wore a smile
As I walked down the aisle,
But I sat next to Damon the Grumpy!

Now I know that his name it was Damon,
For he wore a nametag with his name on.
Just why he was crabby
To me and my tabby,
Who cares?
I’m determined to stay on!

So I gave it a try and was friendly.
Oh, the tones that I spoke, I spoke gently.
And just as I did,
He said, “You’re a nice kid!”
And like Watson I said, “Element’ry”!

Well, he laughed til his sides they were splitting.
It’s the truth now and I am not kidding.
He smiled with a glow
From his head to his toe.
He’d have fallen if he wasn’t sitting!

Like contagion it spread through the trolley,
They all laughed when they saw Grumpy jolly.
There wasn’t a face
With a frown in the place.
And it made me sing Tra-la-la-la-lee!!!!

Yes, that was a day to remember.
I think it was late last September.
I was warmed by those smiles
As we covered the miles.
I was toasty all the way through November.

By Patty Lynn

My friend, you know, Millie?
Just loves to act silly.
She’s really the funniest girl.
She stands on her head,
While singing in bed,
Two rings on her feet she does whirl.

My friend, you know, Millie?
The one who acts silly,
Makes everyone laugh ‘til they ache.
With wild funny faces,
She ties her shoelaces,
I feel like my sides, they will break.

My friend, you know, Millie?
Just runs willy nilly
And makes such incredible sounds.
My ears just can’t take them,
Those sounds when she makes them,
Our friendship has ups, it has downs.

My friend, you know, Millie?
Has stopped being silly,
And me, I’m so glad that she did.
For when Milly was silly,
You couldn’t tell, really,
That she was a nice little kid.

By Patty Lynn

Fillipy, billipy, bollipy boo.
You think that that’s nonsense?
Well, I’m telling you...
It’s my very own language.
We speak it on Balaxy,
That violet star, right there
In the galaxy.

It’s the loveliest place.
You’ll just have to visit
And meet Fallagorry.
You’re asking, “What is it?”
Why, my house pet, of course,
Just everyone has one,
He’s a small white buzzlopy
From the planet of Nazz 1.

And while we’re discussing,
My homeland, I mean,
Not everyone there is a yellowish green.
I’m just a bit pale
From my trip to earth’s surface,
And I’m really quite sorry
This ticket I purchased.

For your planet is BLAH,
And your people so pale.
They smile just so seldom
And constantly wail...
About all their troubles,
"Oh, what should we do"?
And if you would ask me
I’d say, “Froodle Doo!”

That means, quit complaining,
Life isn’t so bad.
Be thankful and happy
Don’t feel so darn sad.
Be cheerful, start smiling,
And soon you will see,
That smiles are contagious
And, what’s more, they are FREE!

So now I’ll be going
To my home far away.
And maybe I’ll visit
Again some fine day.
I hope my advice
Is advice that you’ll heed,
Be kind to each other
For it’s love we all need.
Goodbye and Norfinkle.
That means, “Please be happy”
And Balaxy’s watching…
That’s all from Mortappy!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Today has been particularly lovely. The sun was out initially, straight through 'til almost noon, but then it became a bit overcast. That, however, didn't damper my day. This was one of those glorious days that I get to spend time with my wonderful family. We all gathered at my sister and brother-in-law's home for a shared birthday celebration for my niece and myself. Oh, how I wish that, like her, I was turning
25, but, unfortunately, that isn't the case (not even close). Actually, I'm happy to be a member of the mature set, you know, the old. All kidding aside, I love where I am in life with the knowledge and experience I have earned from all those years of living. I'd never go back to 25 if I couldn't take all of that with me. Besides, if I was 25 I wouldn't have grandchildren. They truly are the frosting on the cake of life. And speaking of children...(did you see how I did that? what a segue!!)

By Patty Lynn

Oh, baby, oh, baby, crying so loud,
I sure don’t know why Mom & Dad are so proud…
Of this screaming, red bundle, my sister, Louise,
Who never seems happy, “Stop crying, won’t you, please!”

My ears just can’t take it, I’m going quite NUTS!
Could it be you need changing, you’re hungry, that stuff?
Whatever it is, I wish you’d be quiet.
Some peace would be nice, c’mon now, just try it!

Oh, baby, oh, baby, this silence is great.
I really do love you, it’s the crying I hate.
You are kinda cute with your little pink nose,
And now that mom’s changed you, you smell like a rose.

I s’pose someday soon we can go out and play…
Some house or some hopscotch on a bright summer’s day,
And so, in the meantime, I’ll be patient…maybe,
And hope you grow up soon, oh, baby, oh, baby.

By Patty Lynn

I love to study dinosaurs.
My fav’rite’s stegosaurus.
He’s spiky back and spiny tail,
I know he isn’t gorgeous.

But keep it to yourself, I’d say,
Don’t ever make him mad,
Or, for that matter, you’d be wise…
To watch him when he’s glad.

‘Cause swish, swish, swish, his tail might turn,
Hitting everything in sight!
So tip toe past…don’t make a sound…
Just whisper, “Steg, goodnight!”

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Here it is, the weekend, when we're supposed to have more time, time to relax, kick back and revive ourselves after the work week just passed. For me, and perhaps for many of you, the weekend is the "catch up time" and though one would think I'd have more time to contribute to my blog, I feel I have less. So at 10:22pm on a Saturday night, I'm making it a point to BLOG. I'm tired and should be heading for bed but this blog thing has really gotten to me; it's like an addiction.
I find it rewarding and fulfilling taking this time to share some of my thoughts and memories, too, since much of my poetry connects to some event or someone from the past. I write nearly every week usually prompted by an occasion or happening. It is in those instances that I feel compelled to create a poetic marker for the memory. I derive so much pleasure out of sharing this all with you. I welcome your comments.
This paragraph was really intended to lead in to more children's poems, again written in the first person. It is, however, sounding more like a diary entry.
But...that is often what a blog becomes. Enough of my ramblings. Here are a few more Children's Poems...

The Hair Wash
By Patty Lynn

My mother says I’ve got to learn
To wash my hair myself.
So, Sunday night I reach and get
Shampoo down from the shelf.

I hate the way the water runs
All in my eyes and ears.
The shampoo drips, my shirt gets wet,
And I am brought to tears!

But then I rinse, it’s not so bad.
My hair shines like the sun.
My mom is glad and so am I
‘Cause I’m just glad I’m done!

By Patty Lynn

I can’t believe my mom said YES,
The gang sleeps here tonight.
I’ve got the greatest evening planned
For Tommy, Jim and Mike.

The sleeping bags will line my room,
My games will fill the floor,
And dad got us that movie called,
The Thing from Planet ZOR.

We’ll talk and talk ‘bout ‘portant things
Like baseball, friends and school,
And if someone’s found dozing off,
We’ll wake ‘em, that’s the rule!

Then ‘bout eleven we will start…
The countdown ‘til the hour…
When all of us will run downstairs,
The goodies to devour.

The midnight snack’s what mom has called…
This feast for hungry guys.
We checked it out a hundred times,
Before the hour arrives.

Ten, nine, eight, seven…
At last it’s really twelve!
Popcorn and peanuts, chips and pop,
The dip and cheese taste swell.

“We’re stuffed”, we say, “we just can’t move!”
We waddle up the stairs,
Crash on the bed, the floor, the rug,
There’s crashing everywhere!

“Resist, resist”, we murmur low,
“Don’t close your eyes, don’t yawn!”
But then, just like the midnight snack,
All four of us are…GONE!

Friday, October 3, 2008


When I was five my family moved about two blocks away from the only home I had ever known. I loved that house and called it my Mother Goose house because the pitch of the roof was so steep that I could imagine Mother Goose having been a former tenant. It had a pint-sized window seat (just perfect for a little one). To me,the wall paper in the front hall was a beautiful pattern and the strange way the hall from the living room curved around rather than making a sharp corner, that was really nifty. The kitchen was HUGE with lots of cupboards, all of which had clear glass panes on each door. And my bedroom? That was the BEST! Mom and Dad had wallpapered the ceiling with a pattern that simulated a dark blue sky with various sized stars. It was so neat to just lay in bed and feel like you were outside staring at the heavens above. Truth be told, my parents had done that to camoflage an uneven ceiling, but I thought is was FABULOUS! It wasn't my parents desire to move that had brought my family to the Mother Goose house. Rather they had overextended themselves by building their dream house. They just couldn't get out from under. And that brings us back to the third home, a couple of blocks away. It was a nice house and I grew to love it there, but mom and dad had bought it so they could convert the attic into two apartments in order to have the income to help ends meet. After we had been there a few years, sometime between age 10 and 12, I accidently met one of the children whose parents had bought the Mother Goose house. As I went on and on about how I had loved that house, she asked if I would like to go back and see it once more. I jumped at the chance. As I went through the front door instead of feeling as though the surroundings were familiar, I felt as though I had never been there before. This was a small house with small rooms and the kitchen, the room I had described as HUGE, was tiny, too. It was rather a let down but it got me to thinking. My revelation was: Everything's BIG when you're LITTLE. With that thought in mind, I will share with you some poems I've written that give a bit of insight into a child's perspective. 

By Patty Lynn 
A shopping mall, when you are small’s 
Like walking in a forest, 
But not of trees, just legs and knees… 
And shoes that play a chorus, 
As one by one they hit the floor. 
They klick or stomp or clatter. 
It’s LOUD, that’s all that I can say, 
Though, it doesn’t really matter, 
‘Cause when you’re built close to the ground, 
The world’s a noisy place, 
And feet the size of mine, you see,
 Have trouble keeping pace. 
But mom insists I walk, not ride, 
That strollers are for babies, 
And girls of four (though it’s a chore) 
Should walk like grown-up ladies. 
So I will tag-a-long and smile, 
I hope it’s over soon! 
And if I’m good, 
Do what I should, 
I might get a balloon! 

By Patty Lynn 
 I never knew how freedom felt 
Or even thought I cared, 
And then I learned to ride a bike. 
At first, I sure was scared! 
 But then I mastered balancing 
And I was on my own. 
My independence tasted sweet. 
I knew I’d really grown. 
 Oh, not the kind of growing 
Where your clothes become too small, 
The special kind you do inside 
That makes you feel real TALL! 
 Self-confidence the grown ups call 
The feeling I describe, 
But all I know is I feel free 
And glad to be alive!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


This poem was composed as the result of a "spur of the moment" adoption of a one year old dog by my 83 year old mother. We all thought she had made a terrible error in judgement. This was based on her age as well as the fact that she was alone and still living in her own home. I believe what we regarded as foolish was her way of telling all of us that she could make her own decisions and nobody better question them. We, of course, thought of all the negatives, namely, it was a 15 year committment, he might get in her way and cause her to fall, he would require daily walks and there would be additional costs, and....the list went on. But, we were so wrong. That wonderful dog was such a loving angelic creature, so close to her and dedicated to her care, she couldn't have found a more perfect companion. When she passed away at 89 I inherited Harley. What a blessing he was!

Harley the Wonderful Dog
By Patty Lynn

He wasn’t a puppy. He wasn’t full-grown.
And he’d been adopted. He did have a home.
But Harley, the dog, was so sad and so lonely…
For someone to play with, if only, if only…
His master were home more, his mistress would pet him.
If there was occasion for someone to let him…
Run rings ‘round the backyard, play catch with a Frisbee.
He thought,
“If ever I’d leave here, would anyone miss me?”

But strange as it may seem, his owners thought, too.
They knew he was lonely. “Oh, what should we do?”
Their work was consuming and kept them away…
From home and from Harley most nights and all day.
They wondered and worried, for they, too felt sad
And wanted their Harley to once more be glad.
Because they both loved him, they searched ‘til they found
The kind of a home where love would abound.

They took out an ad hoping someone would come,
Take one look at Harley and say, “He’s the One!”
“He’s all that I dreamed of, my perfect companion,
When it comes to Harley, there isn’t a stand-in!”

But who would step forward that warm summer’s day,
But a little ol’ lady the wind could blow ‘way!
They could tell by her face, so loving and dear,
That a match for their Harley was certainly here!
They looked at each other and both nodded, “Yes!”
For they knew in an instant as friends they’d be best.

That evening at seven they brought Harley over…
To Marion’s house (she lived on South Clover).
At first Harley shivered and investigated.
He thought, “Why, this is so strange. I’m sure not elated…
At smells that are diff’rent, at rooms unfamiliar.
How long am I staying? Oh, maybe until your…
Vacation is over. Yes, that must be why!”
But soon it was time for a heartfelt goodbye.

Harley knew at that moment, though they spoke not a word,
What really took place, what really occurred…
Was that this was his new home, with Marion as mistress.
There was no need for panic and no need for distress.
She petted and stroked him and called him, her “Good Boy”.
Wasn’t this what he’d dreamed of? Oh, Golly Whiz, would joy…
Be what he had found here? The best, may I mention,
Was her generous dose of constant attention!

So sweet and contented this dog spent his days…
Right there by her side. He found lots of ways…
To help and to guide her, assist and defend her.
Just how many ways did Harley attend her?
He’d bark when the bell rang. He’d sleep at her feet…
And not move a muscle ‘til morning would peak.
He’d gather her slippers then bring them post haste!
He’d lay ‘neath the table just hoping a taste…
Of some little morsel might fall to the floor.
But he’d never beg or squeal for some more.
Harley and Marion got so well-acquainted,
More perfect a picture could never be painted…
Of two lonely souls who needed each other,
That wonderful Harley and Marion, my mother!