Saturday, September 27, 2008


It's 11 o'clock in the evening and as I sit alone at my computer, a young woman that I used to work with comes to mind. This woman, just a girl to me really, was happily married, had two children and a full time job, BUT, on this particular day, she was having a meltdown. She felt like her life was rushing past so ungodly fast that she just wanted it to stop, just long enough to breathe. She HAD to work full time although she said her husband made good money, but there was daycare to pay for and the car and mortgage payments and... She confessed that she and her husband hadn't had any alone time in so long she couldn't remember when it was. She had confided in me and was looking for a shoulder to unload on. I offered my observations and suggestions and this poem.

Patty Lynn

Our life, it seems, is spinning
At such a fevered pitch.
We work full-time,
Have children, too.
There seems to be “glitch”!

We thought it would be easy
To balance our demands,
But home and work,
Daycare and kids,
We need at least eight hands!!

And what about “alone time”
For both of us to share
A moment or romantic look,
The time to say, “I Care”?

Instead, our time’s spent
Keeping Up
With all there is to do.
There’s hardly time to say the words,
Sincerely, “I Love You”.

We’ve lost the YOUs we used to be
Now we’re just Mom and Dad…
And breadwinners and homemakers.
Was this the dream we had?

I guess it’s time to look again.
Before we lose our way,
Let’s make a date,
‘for it’s to late…
And we both rue the day…
We put “on hold” the two of us,
But kept on “Keeping Up”,
Instead of overflowing love,
We'll find an empty cup!!!!

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