Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sometimes Important People Move On

In July of 2007 I had my left knee replaced and, yes, I heard every horror story you can think of. Someone is always there to tell you of someone they know that had a terrible experience, a great deal of pain and ultimately had to say, "it never healed right". Their intentions are good...or are they? But be that as it may, it had to be done. Fortunately I was led to an exceptional surgeon who was so kind and sensitive, he called me two days before the surgery to quell any fears I might have. He even gave me his cellphone number! That's one for the books, don't you think?? Long story short, I had a perfectly wonderful experience and a fabulous result but knew I would have to have the other one done, more sooner than later. The second, the right, was replaced this past May and I'm happy to report that the result there was equally as successful. The only negative was that the doctor decided to move to a small town in Wisconsin and I would have to travel some distance if, God forbid, I required replacement of any other body parts. Because he was such a remarkable fellow, I felt compelled to put pen to paper and leave this poem with him before he left.

New Knees
By Patty Lynn

This day comes way too sudden,
My sense of loss profound…
I feel that I must tell you,
I wish you’d stick around!!!

For doctors of your caliber,
Who truly, truly care,
Are such a rare exception,
But life just isn’t fair.

With all the surgeries I’ve had
And major ones, it’s true,
I’ve never found a surgeon,
Who was a skilled as you.

But more than that, you treated ME
Not merely my condition,
A doctor so approachable,
My hopes came to fruition.

Without my sounding negative,
More surgery’s in store,
And if that’s true, I wish I could…
See you walk through the door…

And calm my fears, assuring me…
That all will be okay,
Then I could “face the music”
With you to show the way.

But life goes on and you now need
A change in your direction,
And all of this will be for me,
My personal reflection.

I wish the best to all of you,
Your girls and faithful wife,
I pray this change will be for you
A good thing in your life.

I’m grateful for your special care
Your skill and expertise,
You’ve been so very generous,
Thanks, Doc, for my new knees!!!!

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