Sunday, September 14, 2008

So Easy a Child Can Do It or Where is a Child When You Need One!

Well, Loyal Readers (Now that's an Assumption!),

As most of you know, I thought it a good idea to start blogging and so I began the process of setting up a blog. Easy, right? So how does one begin? Well, there's nothing like to start the search for information and I, of course, had no idea how to set up a blog. So, after a number of what I choose to call "circles" I was led to Blogger. com. By the way, a "circle" is a search that sends you in, you guessed it, circles. But I digress.

Back to the pursuit of blogging. I followed the prompts, chose a name, answered a number of questions, accepted certain policies (I'm not sure what they are), and designated my own personal address, which, as it was explained in the prompts was "the address folks would enter to find you". And that was it. It was a FREE service (gotta love the price) and I was all set. Ahhh, but was I??

I've now written my first BLOG and with wild anticipation I send off a few emails to friends to alert them of this fact and, of course, in so doing I convince them all that I am truly "with it" as I have taken my place amongst the thousands of bloggers, all of which, I am sure, are much younger but not necessarily wiser than I am.

So the following morning I rush to my computer excited to find myself, that is, my blog online! I type my web address in the search bar and low and behold...No Results Found! What? How can this be? I did everything they told me, I had an address, and my riveting first attempt at a blog was nowhere to be found...except by ME! Somehow this defeats the whole idea of a blog, I thought. I wanted to be able to share my thoughts, my poems, my children's stories, ask for comments, and I'm the only one that can access my blog???

Thus began the search for where I went wrong. I tried one thing after another after another but to no avail. I even created a blog for my husband (who, by the way, does not blog) in hopes that I could find that one piece, that one area where I went wrong and finally blog for someone, anyone, but ME.

Then finally after spending hour after frustrating hour, bleary eyed and convinced the answer would never come, I found it, why no one could find ME but ME. I had "choose a domain and register it" Duh!!!!! They never said that in the sign up. That was never mentioned. But that doesn't matter now. I am cool, I am hip, I know what a domain is (I've registered it) and now I'm ready to BLOG. Yippee!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice Patty. You're on your way! YOU GO GIRL!!!

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