Friday, September 19, 2008

The Month of October will soon be here....

Being an October baby, I have always had a love affair with Autumn in general and October, specifically. The first I actually set to music; the second was my attempt at new poem design, the third is self-explanatory. All are a dedication to Fall.

October's Sky
by Patty Lynn

The winds are much crisper, the falling leaves whisper...
Your name and then they ask why.
Why we aren't together enjoying Fall weather,
Here 'neath October's Sky.

I often remember our last September
When we held each other tight,
Can't help reminiscing, it's you that I'm missing,
Here 'neath October's Sky.


We always said our love was destined to be...
Forever, together, we two.
I only know for me there's no one but you,.
I wish I could make you see...

That we could start over, begin this October,
Our love has a chance yet to be.
As winds start their chilling, please tell me you're willing...
For love 'neath October's Sky

by Patty Lynn

Oh, cloudless sky and crisp cool wind respledent color burns...
In shades of yellow, orange and red all year my spirit yearns...
For this October rhapsody, that fills my mind and soul.
I hear its song and I belong.
October makes me whole.

I can't describe this feeling, as deep as Autumn's hues.
A melancholy melody much like the soulful blues...
But colors fade and Autumn wanes, the season makes its close,
Transitioning to winter white, the sparkling blanket knows...
What lies beneath so much alive, yet sleeping for a time,
These buds will bring new birth in Spring,
But this October's mine.

I revel in its splendor, drink in each fragrance fresh,
Right to the core, through ev'ry pore,
Exhilarates my flesh!

I'll savor ev'ry moment, so grateful that I'm in it,
Thank God above for His great Love
And each October minute.

Autumn Reflections
by Patty Lynn

By Pat Marsh

As the days become shorter & cold breezes blow,
I’m reminded of autumns so long ago,
When taking for granted each color and nuance,
I thoughtless pondered just what I would do once…
The piles were collected and I would jump in,
With playmates and neighbors. What a terrible din…
Of shouts, affirmations, “fall’s finally here!”
How I loved my red nose and each freezing ear.

No hat, seldom coats, just a constant abandon,
Short days and long nights and putting my hand in…
Those gooey old pumpkins with wild, scary faces,
Combing closets and attics and various places…
To find just the perfect costume to wear,
Applying the make-up, mom fixing my hair,
To go door to door, was it trick or it treat?
All I knew was I’d soon have some goodies to eat!

Then stuffed to the gills I’d crawl into bed.
I knew, all too well, I’d been over fed!
And the days that soon followed, how quickly they flew,
Thanksgiving vacation! I hadn’t a clue…
What went into the turkey, the dressing and all,
And why they all called it the Great Butterball?
I’m much older now and much wiser, they say,
But I’d much rather leave this ol’ job and just play!

Although I was anxious a grownup to be,
A jump in the leaves sounds MUCH better to me!

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Jill said...

Beautiful-gave me the warm fuzzies and brought back wonderful memories of our growing up together. OX