Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Is Youth Really Wasted on the Young?

It seems only fitting that I write something on youth, since I think I've thoroughly covered the other side of the coin. See what you think of this one. Talk about the inevitable...

by Patty Lynn

I've come to the conclusion
Youth's wasted on the young.
How can they be so careless?
They only think of FUN!!

Why can't they put their energies...
Into making healthy choices?
We're trying to prepare them,
But they never hear our voices.

They eat whatever moves them,
They stay out late at night,
They drive too fast,
And sometimes smoke.
That just plain isn't RIGHT!

What is it that they're left with
When the years keep right on sneaking?
If they only knew, just what they do
And the havoc that they're wreaking!!!

I'll tell you what's the outcome
And why we fret and fuss,
The dye is cast,
Youth soon is past
And what is left is...US!

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Jill said...

You are SOOO good at this AND so right! I love you and am sending Jeanne this link in a minute. OX