Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How True, How True!!!

As I have yet another thought about aging, I wish to give you another spin on the process, reality and fantasy. If there are any young readers out there, take heart, this isn't meant to scare you, merely to prepare you. (My gosh, can't this woman ever keep from rhyming?) Guess not. It's a curse! 

Who Says We Get Better? 

by Patty Lynn
Who says we get better, get better with age? 
Did that someone not know of the war that we wage... 
With time and its ravages that leave us alone, 
Alone with the savages of aches and or moans,
Of creaks and the cracks that come with each morning, 
That sneak up upon us, attack without warning? 
Is it better to see an uneven complexion… 
Than the bright, lineless face of a youthful expression?
And what of this body, encumbered and weighty? 
Although "middle-aged", most days it feels eighty! 
 Who says we get better, get better with age? 
I'd like to believe this is merely a stage...
And one lovely morning I'll awake from this nightmare, 
Discover there's brown roots underneath all this white hair. 
The clock on the wall no more functions clockwise, 
But counters its movement, no glasses for these eyes!
For time's moving backwards, I'm youthening, slowly, 
To my twenties, no, thirties, a time that was holy, 
And I’ve learned that I cannot take this for granted. 
Now, I know what I know, youth's folly recanted. 

 Though we may not get better, get better with age, 
The truth is we're wiser, confined by the cage... 
Of "some" limitations, Alas, no reversal, 
One performance we're given Life’s NOT a rehearsal!

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Jill said...

They just keep getting better!! OXOX