Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Grandchild is Certainly one of God's Sweetest Gifts

On this particular date I am blessed in two ways. First it is my daughter and her husband's sixth anniversary.Having your child marry someone you yourself would pick, there are not words to say how wonderful that is. But it gets better.
This Tuesday will mark the 2nd birthday of my twin grandbabies, two precious boys that are truly the light of my life. Since these two events came so closely, we celebrated both today. I write a poem for my children's anniversaries and have, of course, followed that tradition with a poem for "the boys". My hope is that someday in the far distant future they will go back and read their grandma's poems and smile a little. The second offering is this year's anniversary poem for my daughter and her husband.

By Patty Lynn (alias Grandma)

I cant’ believe it happened.
Two years have just flashed by…
In what has seemed an instant.
On mem’ries I rely.

How small you were,
Two tiny babes.
A miracle to me!
How could I know,
How fast you’d grow,
A “Gwapa” I would be!

But from those little packages
Have come such darling boys,
Who now can walk
And even talk,
Who love to make such NOISE!

The days I spend with both of you,
It’s hard to tell just how…
You fill my heart,
As from the start,
Like you I say, “Oh, wow!”

No one can quite prepare you…
For the joy grandchildren give.
It fills you up,
A precious cup,
I’m happy just to live…

Each day, each week, beside you.
Mere words don’t seem enough.
God bless you two,
Your whole life through.
I love you both so much!

By Patty Lynn

I’m sure that many years ago
When you were awf’lly young,
You dreamed of someday finding
That very special one…
Who’d be your friend and confidant,
Who’d hold you close at night,
And tell you just how much you’re loved,
(That dream would be just right!)

And then one day it happened.
You met the one for you,
And realized that dream you dreamed
Was really coming true!
For finding one who loves you
The way you want to be,
Is something quite remarkable,
In love your heart’s the key.

All that would be fantastic,
If that was all you had,
But then you had two babies.
Yes, you were Mom & Dad!
So on your anniversary,
What more is there to say…
Than you’ve been blessed
With happiness,
Today and ev’ry day!”

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Jill said...

Absolutely beautiful, as always. Cheryll called tonight and mentioned how much she's enjoying your thoughts and poems.