Monday, September 22, 2008

The Gloriousness of New Life

When I wanted to commemorate the birth and the christening of two precious children, I wrote the following two poems. I am so awe inspired when new life comes to be. I'd have to say babies are some of my favorite people.

By Patty Lynn

It starts with a cry
A new life comes to be
A branch has been added
To your fam’ly tree.

So darling, so pink,
Perfect fingers and toes
Two lives making one…
So the miracle goes!

You must savor each day,
And cherish each minute.
Time moves so fast,
Put everything in it.

Rejoice in her birth,
Grace her cheek with a kiss,
For nothing compares
To a moment like this!

A sweet baby girl
Changes Couple to Three,
Her presence has blest you…
You’re now, FAMILY!

By Patty Lynn

On this your precious Christening Day, we gather here in love,
As Water and the Word combine, as God from up above…
Makes you His Child, takes your soft hand, looks down on your sweet face,
And offers you the blessing of His everlasting Grace.

So, Darling Dear, we share this day, such joy within our hearts,
And thank Him for His love divine, so glad we are a part…
Of all that’s meant by Christening, bestowing Christ—on you.
This priceless gift He’s granted here, will last your whole life through.

So as we watch you learn and grow, discovering so much,
We all will be reminding you of God’s protecting touch.
Surrounded by His love and ours, you cannot help by flourish,
For love alone can feed your heart,
But God your soul will nourish.

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