Friday, September 12, 2008

My Copywrited Work /An Introduction

As I've just created this blog, I believe it's best to begin by introducing myself to you. I'm a woman who's initials are PMS. Doesn't that speak volumes? I guess you could say I'm at a transitional point in my life, that is, I'm young enough to remember that when I was young, people my age were considered old. Now that would certainly ignite the eire of my sibling who is quick to criticise my references to "being old". Truth is, I am just a realist and as such I realize that life, at this juncture (oh, how I love that phrase!) has limits. Someone of my "tender age" comes to the point where there are only so many summers left, only so many Christmases, etc.

But lest you think me a pessimist, being aware of such things does not make me negative. I truly relish every day, every sunrise and sunset, and all the moments in between. I must confess, however, that my lust for life has been rejuvenated by the birth of my two grandsons, Ian and Gavin. These precious boys will turn 2 years old at the end of this month and during these past 2 years I have been fortunate to be with them almost daily, a blessing that this wordsmith feels completely inadequate to describe. Suffice it to say, they bring so much joy to my life that every day spent with them is a day I wish I could "freeze frame"!

This may give you a little insight into the author of what I have called Poetically Speaking, but I believe my poetry and short stories will give you a better picture of "what makes me tick". Simply put, my writings reflect my love for the people in my life and the children who grace it with their presence.

I have accumulated quite a library of poems and stories that I have written for loved ones and children, in particular. It is my priviledge to share them with you. If they touch a cord or spark a memory, I'm pleased to have a part in that. We humans share so much in the way of memories and feelings. Not to say our individual ones aren't unique, but sometimes it takes the recollections of someone else to bring them forward in our minds.

I look forward to sharing my writings with you and I hope you will share your comments with me as you read them. I promise that I will read each response and take your thoughts to heart.

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