Sunday, September 21, 2008

Each Day is Precious

In the year 2000 my sister and I had the rare privilege of taking part in the making of a lifetime memory. Our mother, then 87 years old, had periodically kept in contact with her high school best friend, Wilma. (just to put that in perspective, that was 75 years earlier!) Mom hadn't seen her friend, now living in California, for 25 years. Both were widows and still living in their own homes.

My sister and I thought it a wonderful idea to reunite these two friends by flying out to California for a weekend visit. As you can imagine, their reunion was memory-making for all of us. How blest we were to have had this opportunity. Before we left I had put pen to paper and composed the following:

by Patty Lynn

If today is yesterday's tomorrow,
May I make the most of today,
May each one I meet remember me
For my kind and sensitive way.
Yes, we're granted but one chance to live life
And our Lord expects it to be...
The way on this earth He would live it,
Through my deeds only Him should they see.

So with this in mind I'll remember:
Tomorrows become yesterdays.
Make the most of them all
To look back and recall...
Cherished mem'ries of all those todays.

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Jill said...

Such a wonderful memory and sweet peom.