Monday, September 29, 2008


As I've mentioned previously, children have always had a special place in my heart. I am an elementary school teacher and I've always had a unique connection to the children who have been a part of my life. A few years ago I was inspired by the idea of writing a children's book. A number of my longer children's poems would lend themselves to that forum as well. For the next few entries I'd like to share some offerings with you and would welcome any comments you might have. And so begins a new section in my blogs that I will call simply: POEMS FOR CHILDREN. 
 Penelope Pickle One day found a nickel, 
And thought it a wonderful prize. 
When asked ‘bout the nickel, 
She started to giggle and a gleam there appeared in her eyes. 

 “I was walking down Isthmus Just minding my business, 
When suddenly I spied on the walk, 
All tiny and shiny Like a jewel from the briny, 
Why that nickel, well, it almost talked!” 
 It said, “Finders keepers, And losers are weepers, 
Besides you could never find who... 
Has dropped me, kept going, 
Impossible knowing. I might as well go home with you.”

 “So I picked up the nickel,” Said Penelope Pickel, 
And ran just as fast as I could. 
I showed it to mother, and William, my brother, 
It went in my bank, as it should.” 

 When safely inside it, I couldn’t deny it,
 My piggy I shook up and down. 
The noise of the clinking, It got me to thinking, 
And I put piggy down on the ground.
 Mom’s birthday was coming. 
I remembered Dad humming 
As he wrapped up her present just so. 
I wondered if I could 
Shop for something like Dad would, 
Piggy’s belly’s the one that would know.
But how much was in it? I’d have to begin it, 
Removing my piggy bank’s stopper. 
As I did coins fell ‘round me, 
All the clatter, it found me 
Scooping up all that silver and copper. 
What I found in a flash A
s I counted my stash, 
Was a total of five dollars five...
 That I put in my pocket, 
As fast a rocket, 
And ran down the steps to the drive.
 My heart began racing 
And anticipating 
As I rode to the gift shop nearby. 
Come on, bike, get going, 
Past neighbors out mowing. 
Come on, bike, you’ve just got to fly!

I finally got there. I couldn’t help but stare... 
At pretties up high on glass shelves, 
Lovely boxes and trinkets, I said, “Well, I think it’s... 
The time girls should think for themselves!
 And then in an instant,
 My heart was insistent. 
I spotted a beautiful site. 
A locket all golden, 
The clerks, well, I told them, 
I hope that the locket's priced right! 

Oh, what would they tell me, 
Could they even sell me... 
This necklace I wanted for mom? 
Do I have enough money, 
If not, that’s not funny, 
I tried to be patient and calm. 
 When the clerks both returned, 
I found out what they learned: 
The locket was four ninety three.
That’s not all the facts, Of course, there was tax, 
Oh, please, be enough, let it be. 
When the tally was in, I started to grin. 
The total was five dollars five. 
I couldn’t believe it Or even conceive it,
 And into my purse made a dive. 

 As I took out the change And counted, arranged, 
I couldn’t but think of that nickel. 
I thought, I reflected, A surprise, unexpected, 
What luck!" said Penelope Pickel. 
 I sped my way home, Passed the neighborhood gnome 
Who I waved to me as I peddled by. 
Then went straight to my room, As I whistled a tune. 
My excitement I just couldn’t hide. 
 Soon mom’s day was here I wanted to cheer, 
‘Cause I knew that she’d love what I got. 
Then she tore off the wrapping And I starting clapping,
 ‘Cause I knew that she'd like it a lot. 
 And that is the end of the story. I think you’ll agree it’s not boring. 
"It began with a nickel", Said Penelope Pickle, 
"So that nickel should get all the glory!"

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