Wednesday, September 17, 2008

At the Expense of Sounding Like a Broken Record...

As I went through what, surprisingly, was a huge folder of poems, I came across another poem that deals with the inevitable. So, just to keep like subjects together, I've included it in with this week's Blogs. I promise there will be many other poems on a variety of subjects and that I will leave the "Age Thing" alone after this(for a while). Hope you enjoy this one. It puts perspective on what really needs to be our focus as we grow older.

by Patty Lynn

I've heard it told that getting old is just a frame of mind.
If that is so, I'd like to know why this is what I find:
A frame that's frail, complexion pale,
Time hasn't been too kind!

For frames of any kind are such, they can't be "thought" away,
I choose to say,
With ev'ry day,
My Master's hand holds sway!

God grant me eyes that always see the beauty of each flower,
A loved one's kiss, a gift is this,
I'm thankful for each hour...
And day and week I breathe fresh air
And watch a child at play,
The wonder of a robin's song,
I have not words to say...
How thankful is my heart for these,
Such blessings God has given,
And when at last,
This life is past,
I'll live with Him in heaven.

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Jill said...

WOW!!! I LOVE IT!!!tu