Friday, September 26, 2008


This poem was written for a young mother who was celebrating the 1st birthday of her little girl. How true that we are the teachers of our children and yet we in turn are taught by them.
In the days and weeks to come, you will find that much of my work centers around children. There will be poems that touch on what miracles children really are and poems specifically designed from a child's perspective. I hope you find them both entertaining and thought provoking.

Sweet Lily and Her Mother
By Patty Lynn

In just one year your tiny babe
Has grown & learned so much,
And so have you, her mother, too,
There’s WORLDS in ev’ry touch!

For children can be teachers,
Without intending to,
They bring out all that’s best in us,
What’s honest, kind & true.

They teach us what OUR Mother meant
When whispering she sighed,
“I love you, dear”
Her words ring clear,
Their depth can’t be denied.

Yes, children learn to crawl & walk,
But moms do much the same,
They’re unprepared and frightened,
No manual, they claim.

But ev’ryday this little one...
Needs all that you can give.
Her tiny hand fits inside yours,
Together you both live.

For matters not whose hand is whose
They melt into each other,
You’re teaching her,
She’s teaching you,
Sweet Lily and her Mother.

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