Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ah, how great it would be to have nothing to do....

A few years back I was working at a successful company, loved the people I worked with but the job, that was another story. There never was enough to do. But, of course, an employee never advertises that fact. I was thrilled to just have a job! I don't know about you, but if anybody asked me what I would find unbearable in a job, I'd say, "not having enough work to keep me busy for eight hours". The following was composed on a day like that.

by Patty Lynn

I think I'll go crazy one day, very soon.
They'll come and they'll take me...
To my own little room,
No windows, no music, just soft padded walls,
And no one will answer my occasional calls...
For help and for comfort, for something to do.
I'll scream and I'll holler and after I'm through,

Perhaps a kind soul, with a great sense of humor,
Swings open the door, says, " I wish I could do more...
But there just isn't anything else to amuse you,
No work and no projects, I hate to refuse you...
But this is the way of the corporate world,
Pretend that you're working, you fortunate girl,
You have a good sal'ry and benefits, too,
Most folks would be pleased with so little to do!"

"You don't understand", I'll plead with him, plainly,
"The bennies are great, it's the silence that mainly...
Gets under my skin, it's unbearable, really,
To which he responds, "you're so terribly silly."
So slowly, methodically, I return to my desk,
To the quiet, the nothing, "this must be a test"...
I say as I sit there convinced I'll go nuts,
"No work is my sentence, no ifs, ands or buts!"

For the truth is there isn't much difference at all...
'Tween the room that's all padded and my desk down the hall!

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