Friday, January 14, 2022


 Every winter seems like it gets colder the older we get! Today I didn't go out in it, I was col enough inside. I did, however, decide to write a poem about it, though. But not poem in my usual pattern. I wonder if you can see it. 


By Pat Severin

As winter wind’s rush by my gate
And snowy drifts accumulate,
I’m longing for its end!
This cold is bold and I feel old!
In younger days, yes, I was told,
A warning from a friend.

She said that there would come a day
That I’d wake up and I would say,
“My bones ache from within!
Why am I stiff, I’m through with this!
It cannot be Ol’ winter’s kiss;
I’d call it winter’s sin!

These warnings aren’t preparing you.
For when you’re young, they just fall through
The hallways of your mind.
You never ponder things like that,
Nor will accept that they’re a fact,
So sure you’ll never find…

That you will be as they describe.
For you’ll go on another ride,
No aches and pains for you.
You’ll skirt such things and what they bring
You’re confident ‘twill soon be spring
Those aches will never do.

I now know I deceived myself.
Those foolish thoughts are on the shelf,
Reality’s in place.
It’s very real, the way I feel.
No fooling me my fate is sealed,
For winter shows no grace!         

Saturday, January 8, 2022


As you know, I currently cannot use my right hand and I'm told the nerves will take time to work again. But this is scary, to say the least, as there are no guarantees in this life. So I have to depend on prayer, as I always do. It's the only thing that works. Today this is my prayer.

By Pat Severin

Each day I find to ease my mind, I make my way to You,
For that is where your loving care will be to see me through.

This life, this time is such that I’m afraid of what will come,
And will this be restricting me? Will I be rescued from...

The lack of use?  Is this my truth? I pray, it will not be!
I’ve much to do, I’m begging you, l pray, please hear my plea.

The world of modern medicine can do such wondrous things,
But without You, they’re nothing, Lord, it’s You who pulls the strings.

You are the God of miracles and so I’m asking You
Grant me the use of my right hand where Jesus stands to do

All that you ask for every task, whatever it may be.
I know you’re there and that you care what happens, Lord to me.

Whatever’s best is my request, I know you will prevails.
Right from the start, I’ll do my part and all that it entails.

And so I’ll close, for I’ve exposed my heart’s desire today.
Send change to show so I will know that hope is on the way. 


Friday, January 7, 2022


My recent surgery left me with what I hope is the temporary use of my right hand so, I won't be writing much. I will tell you that an online magazine has published the first two Christmas Poems that I posted in my blog December 16th. I'm thrilled that now I can say I'm a published poet!

Here's one I wrote today.


We think we’ve got it figured out,
This thing that we call life.
But God is laughing to Himself,
“My children, life is rife…

With many possibilities,
And I’m the one who knows…
Just what direction it will take
The way it all will go.

Come to me, child, and l will help,
You don’t know what’s in store.
The future may bring many things,
I couldn’t love you more.

Because I do, I’m here for you,
You cannot orchestrate
Just what will be, that’s up to me,
You cannot deviate…

From what I’ve planned, it’s in my hand,
Your future’s mine, you see.
So take my hand, we’ll face it all,
Whatever it may be.”

But we are slow to “get it” and...
We wait until we’re spent.
And covered in life’s battle scars,
We hopelessly lament,

“Dear God, please help to get through,
Please help me understand
Why this is happening to me.
My life’s not how I planned.

And His response is what it's been,
“I’m here for you, my child.
Come to me first, don’t wait until
The storms of life get wild.

I’ll help you then, as I do now.
You only need to pray.
I’m here for you, I’ll see you through.
I am the Light, the Way." 


Thursday, December 16, 2021


There are so many times when problems arise that I dig in and try to solve them by myself.  I tell myself, "I'm a capable person, I should be able to figure this out!" And then I realize that all I've been doing is spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. Why? Because I didn't bring it to God in the first place, "duh!" We humans are so ridiculous. God is there and we think of that second or third or fifth instead of bringing our worries to Him in the first place.

By Pat Severin

When I am feeling weary with worries on my mind
And wish I had the answers, I often try to find…
My own way to solutions, I’m sure that they will come,
But I’m a fool, because I know for answers there is one…

One source that I can go to, one source where care is found,
One source where love’s abundant, the best source that’s around.
That source? It is my Father, who’ll help me when I ask
For His assistance, for His help, He’s up for any task.

And yet I never choose Him first until I’m really spent.
That is my own “duh” moment and that’s when I relent.
But still, my God is willing, He’s there to hear my plea,
He knows I’ve done it once again, and yet He’s there for me.

His love and patience aren’t changed because I’ve waited to…
Come to His throne, I am His own, and says, “I’m here for you.”
That’s love that’s unconditional, it’s there, no matter what,
His door is always open and I’ll never find it shut.

So take advice from one who knows, don’t wait to come to Him.
His light of love is always on and it will never dim.
Don’t think your worry’s way too small, He’s busy, He’ll dismiss it.
That’s not the case, He’s there for you, He’s waiting for your visit. 


This year as with every year, I write a Christmas Poem to send to family and friends.  Usually, that's one poem but this year it became three.  The first two are self-explanatory but the third didn't go out to many. If you read it I'm sure it will be clear about my reasoning.  Here they are:

By Pat Severin

When winter is approaching, we expect the cold it brings,
Then freezing ice and tons of snow, the search for warmer things.
As it begins, it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving’s on its heels
And then as Christmastime draws near, the busier it feels…

Because we’ve got to buy the gifts, perhaps there’re travel plans,
Check out the lights, go get the tree, and put it in the stand,
Send out the cards, wrap presents, too, and then we decorate.
There’s something else…almost forgot, the thing we celebrate.

There is another reason for this festive time of the year
That’s spent with loved ones gathered close…but is it really clear…
That Christ, God’s Son was born that day so many years ago?
Could it be overshadowed by the things that often go…

Before the greatest gift of all, that Babe who brought salvation,
Who offers all eternal life, who prompts this celebration?
God’s promise kept, His only Son, should never be forgotten
Because He came for everyone, the wealthy to down-trodden.

So as you plan your holiday and those you love are near,
Remember why we celebrate this season every year.
We wish for you this Christmastime the blessings that it brings
And may you know God’s love for you, for that’s where true joy springs.

By Pat Severin

How is it that with Christmastime I still am filled with joy,
Not like the joy that children feel, each girl and every boy...
Anticipating presents, seeing Dad put up the lights,
But rather like the shepherds felt, that joyous night of nights.

How is it after all these years I still think of that Babe
Born to a teenage mother in surroundings somewhat grave...
But chosen so the world would see that He was one of them,
A human child, God’s sacrifice, born there in Bethlehem.

How is it that this ancient tale is somehow always new
And yet I hear it every year, just listen, so do you?
For it’s the promise kept by God, the Savior, Jesus Christ,
Sent long ago to save us all, God’s Son, who’d pay the price.

How is it that each Christmas brings that cherished memory back
And I can feel the Father’s hand and blessing in all that?
And yet I feel this world of ours has chosen to forget.
The promise of the Christmas Child, that child is under threat.

We cannot let His birth be overshadowed by such trappings
As tinsel, trees, and shopping sprees, and brightly colored wrappings.
So share with me that memory, what every Christmas brings,
The joy of knowing Christ was born, your Savior, King of kings.

For if you do, I’m telling you, your heart will overflow.
God’s love for you, its depth and breadth, you will begin to know...
And then, with every Christmas, you’ll anticipate His birth,
The story won’t be old but new, that Babe not last, but FIRST!

By Pat Severin

Another Christmas time is here and I want you to know,
That knowing every one of you gives me a Christmas glow.
This life is blessed and richer still, because of you, my friends,
That’s whether you are living close or where the pathway ends.

I merely have to blink my eyes, another year is passed,
But though we’re growing older, good friends are things that last.
At Christmas seems the perfect time for memories of old
When we were young, with life ahead, and Winter’s weren’t as cold.

But time itself does not stand still and years go rushing by
We’re often busy with our lives and we can only sigh…
And shake our heads and wonder why a few of us lost touch;
It never was intentional, it happens way too much.

And so I take this time to say, wherever you may be,
That you are thought of often, I hope that you can see…
I don’t wish time would just stand still, I’d rather it rewind
So I could see you, once again, because I know I’d find…

The joy of being with you all, to talk and laugh again,
Reminding us of reasons why we always would be friends.
Though rewinds are impossible, what’s possible is this,
To tell you that you’ll always be a blessing that persists!


Tuesday, November 30, 2021


This was written not for a particular person or circumstance but as a prayer for anyone who's dealing with bad news and may be experiencing nights of tossing and turning with worry. So often we think we can handle it ourselves but, of course, the answer to those worries is simple, as it always is, give them to God.

By Pat Severin

Oh, Lord above, please hear my plea,
    there’s something that's been troubling me.
I cannot put it into words,
    I’m overwhelmed with these concerns…
So sad and worried with the news,
    it’s not the outcome I would choose.
This happens to the ones who cry
    before they’ve taken time to try.
I’ve tried so hard to deal with this,
  I’m feeling weightless, all adrift.
I know I should have come to you
    when I first heard the awful news,
But I, like many, wasted time
    forgetting that you know that I’m…
So confident that I will find…
    the formula for peace of mind…
When all along I should have prayed.
    admittedly I’ve just delayed
What should, for me, be second nature,
    but this time Lord, it’s something major.
Dear God, I know it’s not too late
    For you to help me navigate
What’s so unknown to me today.
    I’ve finally come to you and pray
For strength and understanding, too, 
    I know that I can count on You. 

Friday, November 5, 2021


“For the Lord your God is he who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies, to give you the victory." Deuteronomy 20:4
By Pat Severin
This life we live is riddled with what we consider worries
That sometimes come infrequently but often come in flurries
Of things we never would expect, the worst kind of surprises.
We’re unprepared, why aren’t we spared, are these what God devises...
To keep us on our toes and see just how will we respond?
Will we first try to handle it, while we should seek His bond…
And bring our worries and our cares and lay them at His feet.
Why is it after all this time we give God a backseat?
We should have learned that Jesus earned the grace that makes a path
Straight to the Father’s open-door no longer to find wrath.
Instead, we find His loving arms and better yet relief
From all our worries and our fears, He only asks belief…
That He is there, our Lord and God with all His power and might
To fight against our enemies of sorrow, worry, fright.
And since He is, we know that He will win the victory…
Against the unexpected things that plague us so we see…
That He is who we go to first, not let those worries fester,
But rather count on Him who says He’s always our protector.
He cannot wave a magic wand, make problems disappear,
But He can hold us close to Him, give comfort when He’s near.
Believe the words He tells us all, cast all your cares on Him.
And all your worries will be fought, His power will not dim.
He loves and wants the best for you, there’s nothing He can’t do,
So bring your worries & your fears and He will see you through!